28 June 2017


Here we are again at the end of yet another month! July is up next and I honestly can't wait to see what it brings (hopefully the launch of Leaf Lane Studio!). I'm afraid my life isn't overly interesting right now (well, it is to me obviously!) and it doesn't make for thrilling reading but I figured that these posts serve as great diary entries for me as well as some light amusement for you (hopefully) so I am going for it regardless :-)

m a k i n g :: such a huge mess all over the lounge. There are piles upon piles of paperwork and notebooks and post-its; I am a mess! Although I have made a start on sorting it out now.

c o o k i n g :: some newly discovered chicken sausages. Super low fat and low carb but high in protein; lovely!

d r i n k i n g :: mint green tea to try and help me feel less bloated; the hot weather really makes me feel all the bloat!

r e a d i n g :: so many 'how to's' for Mail Chimp, Wave Accounting and Squarespace! I haven't had the time to read anything else recently.

w a n t i n g :: to have a fitness coach again. This is now a reality and we will be starting work soon. I honestly cannot wait! (Separate YouTube video to come on why I have chosen to work with a coach again).

l o o k i n g :: flustered and tired (and bloated!).

p l a y i n g :: my husband Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's 'Summertime' as he claims to have never heard it in his life. Wtf? Who hasn't heard that song?! If anyone is interested, Joe's previous address is: The Rock Under the Other Rock, Rock Lane, Rock Town, The Centre of the Earth.

d e c i d i n g :: to totally change the customer experience I thought I would put in place for Leaf Lane Studio for something that makes it so much more personal. Customer service is my joint number one priority, alongside providing high quality products of course, therefore this new change will make the whole customer experience even more lovely.

w i s h i n g :: I could go on a spiritual retreat. I have always really fancied one and will put it on the bucket list!

e n j o y i n g :: putting styling/mood boards together for product photography shoots for the business.

w a t c h i n g :: Land Girls on Netflix. I love that series so much. The style back then was so glamorous.

w a i t i n g :: for some of the pretty packaging I have ordered for my new business to arrive!

l i k i n g :: my surprise Haribo 'bouquet'...I mean, does it get any better?!

w o n d e r i n g :: If that scorching hot week we had last week was the summer.

l o v i n g :: my new 'boyfriend' jeans from Zara (thanks mum!).

h o p i n g :: to find some time to fit meditation back in again. I have let it slip recently just because I have either been so tired that I have been getting up later or just because I have got up and shoved myself straight in front of the computer to start work. It does me so much good so I must try and get up earlier again to do ten minutes at the very least.

m a r v e l l i n g :: over all the gorgeous home-ware on Anthropology <3

n e e d i n g :: new gym kit, new make up and a massage! (In any order really!).

s m e l l i n g :: all the pretty flowers in our garden. If you have seen any of my vlogs recently, you will know how fascinated I have been with all the things popping up in the flower bed, seemingly overnight. I have gone out into the garden every morning to look at how it is doing and have a good old sniff!

w e a r i n g :: winter jumpers still. Why?

f o l l o w i n g :: Janet Murray, after finding her podcast, Soulful PR, super useful for my business! She is so helpful and so easy to listen to.

n o t i c i n g :: Taylor Swift is back on Spotify! Woo-hoo.

k n o w i n g :: that I have broken all my rules by watching 'just one episode of Love Island to see what all the fuss is about', hating it and then watching it every day since. Send me all the help. Actually, don't bother.

t h i n k i n g :: about what Christmas products I want to make! :-)

That all pretty much sums up my life right now. I have my mum coming to stay next week and may have to put her in charge of vlogging whilst I am doing all the other things... mum, if you are reading this, get your YouTube cap on ready (and bring some sunshine with you because its horrible out there today!).

If you guys do a 'Taking Stock' over on your blog or know someone who does, let me know in the comments; they are such a great read!

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  1. What a lovely read Lucy! It sounds like June has been a great and very busy month for you! I'm so looking forward to watching your business grow and a new personal trainer sounds epic! For meditations I use the Calm app, they're short and I find them easy to follow. I used to use headspace which was great too!
    Wishing you the most wonderful July full of fantastic opportunities, lots of rest, an incredible business launch and all the love.
    Peta x


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