14 June 2017


Unless you are brand new to my blog (hello and welcome if you are!) it will not have escaped your attention that I am launching my business very, very soon. With that being literally all I can think about at any given moment, I thought I would write a post about the craziness that is starting a business. 

A disclaimer: I am loving every single (mad as hell) second and what follows is purely tongue in cheek (just in case you think I am serious and send help). Well, I am serious, of course, this is not too far from the truth but just remember that I am passionate about what I am doing and wouldn't change it for the world... I might consider it for a packet of chocolate digestives though!

Dream - I will be working from home and will be able to have a lovely lay in, lazily put on a full face of make up, choose a somewhat stylish outfit to wear and finish at a reasonable 'o'clock'. I will then be able to float in a bath that smells like heaven and read a book to help me escape into a fluffy world of fairies and unicorns.
Reality - I go to bed thinking about all the ideas I have, drive myself insane, finally get to sleep past midnight and wake up looking like something the cat dragged in. I get up, make tea, try and cover the dark circles under my eyes and pull my somewhat greasy hair up into a ponytail or scruffy bun. I work all morning, break quickly for lunch, fit in a training session, shower, make more tea and get straight back to it. 

Dream - Each day is an inspirational love-pod of joy. I am motivated; doing the things I have longed to do for so long and cannot believe that I am now actually doing them!
Reality - I sit at my desk with, what I consider to be, a great idea. The artwork commences and suddenly I realise... this is sh*t. What am I doing? Why did I think I could do this? How am I trying to do this? Actually... this might have something going for it, maybe it'll be okay. I quite like this now. This is the best thing I have ever made! {A couple of hours later} What was I thinking?

Dream - Just think of how amazing it will be working from home! I can eat all the healthy things. I can sip on green tea all day and drown myself in pure spring water and snack on bowls of health every afternoon.
Reality - Oh my God, is that the time? Crap-sticks... runs to the kitchen and open fridge. Finds one egg, a moldy pepper and a diet coke. Great. Note to self, must go shopping.

Dream - I will be at home with my husband and cat all day, how lovely.
Reality - I never see the hubby and, when I do find the cat, laying up on the bed, I feel the need to curl up next to her and nap. That would be a perfect afternoon. But, who on Earth has the time for naps these days?!!

Dream - At least I know exactly what branding I want for the business. That is one of the hard things all sorted out. Now all I have to think about is the packaging, which will be easy!
Reality - I redesign the logo a million times; switch all the branding colours (only to go back to the original ones from last year) then go online to order envelope samples, only to realise there are millions to choose from. I love envelopes but, my goodness, they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. I am like a kid in a sweet shop which only means one thing: procrastination! #getawriggleon

Dream - I will have a dreamy work-space, like all the ones I have on Pinterest and I will be sure that everything has 'its place' so I can find anything I need easily.
Reality - Chaotic, paper piles and notebooks. Probably shouldn't mention the post-it notes!

Joking to one side though guys, this is all coming together so wonderfully now and I am super excited to share everything with you. I do feel slightly chaotic in my head but I really think I wouldn't be normal if I was finding this all simple and plain sailing. I think I have now mastered the joys of MailChimp and will be launching a little freebie soon (within the next three days!) so I will let you know when that is ready!

I would also love to have a newsletter for the blog now that I know what I am doing so I will add that onto 'Lucys-ever-expanding-list-of-things-to-do' and bring that to you really soon. I am keen to have a space to share exclusive content with you and I think a newsletter would be great.

Lastly, if you didn't see my latest weekly vlog, panic ye not! Check it out below! I would absolutely love it if you would subscribe to my YouTube Channel also. It means so much and I am trying so hard to grow the channel (not easy when you are my age let me tell you!).


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