7 June 2017


It's been just over a week since I posted which is because I was a bit poorly last week and hadn't got myself together enough to schedule anything (sorry guys) but I am feeling a bit more human again now and am bringing you a casual update post today! Also, I have had a few questions about vlogging and people asking me when my business is going to launch so I will answer those questions whilst I'm at it!

First of all I want to say a big old 'Happy Birthday' to my dad, who is in Spain right now (he is always away on his birthday!). I never really talk about my dad on here because he likes to keep himself to himself so I respect that. Have a good day Popple, love you xx

Let's get going onto some stuff that's going on right now!

:: Weird energy levels.
I am struggling right now and trying to understand the fact that there is absolutely no routine to how my mind and body feels anymore. It is frustrating the life out of me and means that I am out of bed like a spring lamb on one day and then dragging myself about like an extra from a zombie film the next. It is something I am not dealing with very well as, on the bad days, it makes me feel beyond useless and unproductive. My mind starts racing with all the things I have to get done and then I seem to lose myself in a pit of doom! In contrast, on the 'up' days I am ticking things off my 'to-do' list like a woman possessed and have endless amounts of energy. Send help... I also spent several hours last week in back to front gym leggings!

:: Vlogging
Thank you to all of you that have been in touch to say that you enjoyed Every Day in May (click here to go to my playlist on YouTube if you want to see the videos!). I really enjoyed doing it and will definitely be doing daily vlogs again. My focus at the moment is all on launching Leaf Lane Studio but I am continuing my weekly vlogs throughout this madness and will go back to doing more videos when the business is up and running! Thank you for all your understanding whilst I am working on this new venture, it means so much to have your support.

:: Husband Update
Despite my strange mood and the inability to put a pair of trousers on the right way round, I still have a husband! That is not the reason I mentioned Joe though! I wanted to say how proud I am of him and his band, Minus Cube, for everything they have been doing but, more specifically, last week they put up a music video for their song 'Into the Air', which is my favourite song of theirs. Joe spent a long time trying to find someone to collaborate with on a video before stumbling on an animation made by some super-talented students and getting permission to use it for the song. I absolutely love the finished video and I wanted to share it with you guys. The lyrics are linked in the information box underneath the video on YouTube, which you can access right here if you are interested!

:: Leaf Lane Studio
So much has been happening for the business and it is so exciting! I am officially a fully qualified grown up now as I have registered the business and opened a business bank account (even typing the words 'business bank account' makes my stomach do flips!). I am also going into see my printer this Friday, to arrange to get my first lot of samples printed. I am starting off with my 'blue range' (which now has a name by the way!) and once that is done I will be getting more ranges printed for customer samples, taking product photos and getting the site off the ground! The 'paper products' side of things won't be too far behind and will be available both on www.leaflanestudio.com and on an Etsy store that I will be opening shortly after the website has launched. I am working as hard as I can to get a small range of products out for you guys but obviously I will be constantly adding to the ranges and creating seasonal products too!

Today I am busy learning all about the various things that Mail Chimp has to offer as I will be giving away a little wedding-related freebie to my Leaf Lane Studio newsletter subscribers really soon. It won't all be wedding related talk so, if you are interested in keeping up to date on everything then stay tuned, keep an eye on the Leaf Lane Studio Instagram and sign up to the mailing list!

Have a great rest of week guys and I will speak to you all really soon.


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