14 May 2017


We are half way through the month of May (and half way through my YouTube series 'Every Day in May'! - see the bottom of this post for all of this weeks videos, starting with today's and working back). Today has been super warm and bright, but we have had some really cold nights, where I find myself checking the calendar to make sure it is actually May!

This week has been a different one, as you will know, if you have been following the daily vlogs, I have spent four days away from home, decorating mum and dads lounge and kitchen for them and so it kind of feels like this week has flashed by. I got home on Thursday afternoon and pretty much crashed out on the bed for a couple of hours (covered with Gizmos blanket, much to Joes disgust!). It was lovely to do the road trip back though and see mum and dad and catch up with friends.

Have you had a good week? What has been going on?

Let's jump right in to all the good stuff shall we?

:: This morning Joe and I walked into Marazion, pictured above (as seen from St Michaels Mount). Seeing as yesterday it was raining all afternoon and we have bad weather forecast for the start of next week, we figured we should make the most of the sun and so we wandered off, along the coast path, over the boulders and beaches and onto the beautiful beach we got engaged on. The plan was to go up St Michaels Mount, but we only made it to the bottom of it, as I had a wobble of anxiety. Nonetheless, we walked 10k and felt very tired when we got home! 

:: I am loving the amount of birds we have had in the garden this week. We have little Goldfinches nesting in the roof and we can hear their little babies chirping and chattering away. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to about moving; having more nature about and wildlife to look after. I am so happy that they are not fussed about Gizmo and, so far, she is not fussed about them. May that long continue. 

:: Last night we had our annual 'Eurovision Party'. Well, I say party... it pretty much involves Joe and I giving the countries a score out of ten and deciding who will come into the top five. I didn't get anything right (as usual). You may be wondering what makes it a party? Well, let me tell you... popcorn and chocolate buttons make it a party! 

:: I am so grateful to have a garden that surprises me almost once a week with new flowers growing in it that I haven't noticed before. This week, as I was unloading the car with my various bits and bobs from my travels to mums, I noticed we have carnations in several places and this gorgeous red rose (^^) has opened up and looks so stunning. Whoever has spent time on this garden deserves a pat on the back because it is wonderful and there is so much to look at. I just love it here.

:: Yesterday, on a morning jaunt to see the seals at Godrevy, Joe and I discovered a quiet little cliff-top to sit on that was totally out of the gust of wind that almost knocked us off our feet. The view was stunning and we even got to watch the seals playing in the water below us. 

:: Whilst at mum and dads I got treated to a new plant for our house and some lovely skin-care bits too. I am so grateful for the pressies because, right now at least, I am not in a position to buy myself anything. Thanks mum and dad :-)

:: On Wednesday, among the madness of paintbrushes, rollers and ladders, I found a spare bit of time to fly into where I used to work and catch up with some lovely peeps. It was so good to see everyone and to chat with some of the students too. It felt like I hadn't been away at all. 

:: I can't publish this post without mentioning food. As of today I am back to counting macros and back to my fat loss mission, but this week there were some treats and they were good! Dad took mum and I out for dinner on Wednesday evening; I had a delicious burger and I may have had sticky toffee pudding... there, I said it. Then there were the Percy Pigs I had on my road trip. What can I say? I was driving for give hours alone... a girl needs sugar!

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