7 May 2017


We are one week into May and, I don't know about you guys, but we have had quite the mixture of weather down here in Cornwall this week. Today is gorgeous and warm but two days ago we were scared to let Gizmo out, for fear she might have to hang onto the washing line (with her teeth) for dear life or get blown out to sea. Yesterday it rained solidly all day long too. I kind of like the fact that it is so changeable though so I am not complaining.

Have you guys had a good week?

:: Having a treat weekend (last weekend) was the most needed thing at that specific moment! I don't find it easy to 'let myself go' at times like that but, what I do know is that it is healthy to enjoy yourself (in moderation) and so, sometimes, it has to happen! It was fab!

:: I finally got my prices all sorted for Leaf Lane Studio, which is such a big relief honestly. I am pretty sure that the first six months of my business will see some tweaking here and there of everything I put together at the start, but that must be true for most new businesses. I am so excited to share it all with you guys. I am putting somethings on Leaf Lane Studios Instagram account, which you can find right here or just search 'Leaf Lane Studio' in the app! I love having you guys following the journey.

:: I have been so grateful for you guys and all your comments on my 'every day in May' YouTube videos (all of this weeks videos are linked at the bottom of this post for easy viewing if you are interested!). You guys have been so sweet and funny and I really love hearing from you.

:: As you may have seen from the vlog I put up on Friday (linked below, along with the rest of this weeks vlogs!) Joe and I had a morning out at the Eden Project. I love visiting Eden and this time was the best because it was the first time out of school holidays and it was so quiet that we barely saw anyone in the (usually packed) tropical dome. We had such a fun morning and I am so grateful to be so much closer to one of our favourite places.

:: As much as it felt that I was cheating on my old hairdresser (miss you Abi!) I had to find myself a place to get a haircut pronto this week and found somewhere nice in Penzance that could fit me in fast! So, like a grown up, I was all brave and had almost two inches cut off my hair. It feels so much better now :-)

:: We enjoyed a lovely walk in Sennen today and sat looking out to sea just taking in the crystal waters and feeling the sun on our backs. It is almost like you can feel it healing you, it feels so incredible. We watched some people having a surf lesson (what a perfect day for one!) - maybe one day I can join them although, I think I prefer the thought of paddle-boarding over surfing, but never say never.

:: The other week I mentioned that my wonderful husband treated me to a couple of skin-care bits, following my skin returning to a teenage-like state. I am so pleased how fast it has changed after just a few days of double cleansing and popping some nice treatments on my skin. I really hate getting break-outs, especially at my age! 

:: I can't remember if I mentioned this previously or not, but as I have been listening to this song non-stop all week I figured I would mention it again. One of my favourite songs of all time is a song called Heaven, by Bryan Adams. I have always adored the song and rarely like covers of it but, several weeks ago, I found a live cover on YouTube by country singer Jason Aldean (featuring Bryan Adams) and I have fallen totally in love with it. If you fancy checking it out click right here! <3

:: Finally, I am grateful (a million times over) to have such an amazingly supportive hubby. This whole 'following your dreams' thing is bloody amazing but very stressful. Starting a business has been something I have wanted for so, so long now and to have Joes support whilst I am finding my way through it all is incredible to me. I don't have the words to say thank you for everything he has done and continues to do for me but I hope that, one day, I will be successful and can make him super proud of me.

Thank you for reading this post guys... continue to scroll down for all of this weeks vlogs, starting with the latest one and working backwards! If you are enjoying them, and haven't subscribed to my channel yet, I would love it if you would. Head to YouTube and hit the subscribe button!


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