24 May 2017


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If you have been keeping up with my Every Day in May YouTube series then you may have seen the video I put up on Saturday (linked below), where Joe and I took ourselves off to Godolphin House, a gorgeous National Trust property only 15 minutes away from us.

This stunningly magical place had me in tears. I can't exactly explain why it had this affect on me, but it was so overwhelmingly beautiful. The funny thing was, it wasn't even fully open to the public so, heaven knows what I would've been like if we'd have seen it all. The gardens alone made us feel like we were transported back in time and all the worries of the world just melted into insignificance. Walking around the walled gardens and among the apple trees and bluebells sparked my imagination of all the ladies in grand dresses and smartly dressed gentlemen that must've strolled the exact same paths over years gone by.

There is barely any reminder of modern life whilst you wander the gardens, other than a very, very distant whir of a car engine, but you really have to listen for it. All that can be heard are the birds, busy chirping away to one another and the sound of the many bees, floating from flower to flower and returning to the collection of hives they have within the grounds. We were hypnotised by the bees; there were so many, of all shapes and sizes and they were gorgeous!

Rather than try and make this post about the history of the place and details of all the interesting people who have lived/visited over the many, many years the land has been inhabited but, the truth is, nobody can do a better job than the National Trust website can, so for all the information on the house just click right here! Instead, I thought I would let the photo's speak for themselves...

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