9 April 2017


It is Sunday again already and it is lovely and warm and, as I type this from my desk in the lounge, I can smell food cooking in the pub next door and cut grass; are there any two smells that are better?! How has your week been guys? I feel like I have some catching up to do on-line as my head has been stuffed into a 'I am soon launching a business' cloud and I have not thought about much else. I have always known there is a lot to it, but as the launch date gets closer (I will let you guys know as soon as I can when it's happening!) I cannot think of anything but what I need to do for this business but, I cannot lie, I am l o v i n g every single second.

This week has also been a week of personal accomplishments, some of which may not seem like big deals to most people but, to me, they have made me feel 'lighter' inside and proud of myself for being able to do things I would normally find difficult or shy away from.

Let's jump into the things that I have loved from this week:

:: Sunbathing on a huge rock just off the coastal path near home. I am not a 'I must get a tan' kind of girl, but I just felt the need to get some serious warmth on my pale old skin. We wandered down a little path near home that led us to a gorgeous, rocky beach. We were there for a while and it was so peaceful and very needed. I have now officially adopted that beach as my reading and sunbathing beach.

:: Yesterday we popped over to the garden centre to buy a little saucer thingy for a pot I bought a million years ago and, while we were there, we treated the birds to a new feeder. Where we lived before there were really no birds at all, probably due to the large number of cats hanging about but here we have so many around the garden all day and it's wonderful to see. Having hung the feeder up in a tree (way out of Gizmos reach) a few little feathered-fellows came to munch away on the seeds. I love watching them. I'm just waiting for the day a seagull has a pop at it!

:: Whilst we are on the subject of birds... I am so grateful that our cat is scared of her own shadow. This week I watched her sitting about a metre away from a magpie, just staring at it. There was no crouching down or bottom-wiggling happening, she was simply watching on with curiosity (it didn't kill the cat, thankfully!).

:: I feel like I have crossed a big business goal/'to-do' off my list this week as I have had more than one meeting with a printer, and felt the weight of the anxiety around that particular step lift off my shoulders almost instantly. I don't think I realised just how stressed out I was over it. The second meeting I had was with an amazing company in Penzance, who were so easy to chat to and have already been super helpful and understanding. I can't believe this business is actually going to happen. I am getting closer every day now and I couldn't be happier!

:: I mentioned this on my Instagram this week but I wanted to mention it here too as I am kind of proud of myself. On Wednesday I had arranged to meet up with a friend (another Lucy actually) in St Ives. I get quite nervous about crowds and, as it is holiday season right now, everywhere is somewhat busy. That in mind I decided to park out of town and walk in. Now, if you have ever suffered with being extremely self- conscious, you may understand how it feels walking down a busy road and feeling like everyone is staring at you, but it was the lesser of the evils! To cut a long story short, I did it. I walked in to St Ives, met Lucy, wandered about, had a cuppa, and then walked back to the car. Granted, I was beyond mentally tired when I got back, but hey, you can't let these things take over can you? Anxiety nil, Lucy one!

:: Gym wins! I haven't been able to squat with a bar across my back for years, due to my scoliosis and niggly issues that occur as a result of that but, last week, I had a (light) attempt at squatting and have been gradually increasing reps and weight and it seems okay. So far, so good! I don't think I'll ever push it to huge lifts, but I'm grateful that my body is coping so far. It feels good to be doing it again that's for sure.

:: Starting a new book. I have (finally) finished the book I have been reading before we moved. I was so slow at it because I got so into it that I kept re-reading sentences, writing notes and marking pages. To give my brain a little break, I cracked open a book that Joe bought me for Christmas as he was stunned I didn't know the story! So, last night, I started reading Roald Dahls 'The BFG'! Guys, I absolutely love it! I think I will have it finished within days but I am so enjoying the magic of it. It is funny to read kids books as an adult and see the lessons glaring you in the face isn't it? I love the way he describes how plants and trees feel being broken. Even as an adult I struggle to see kids pulling at trees and plants, fully intending to break them. Can we get a copy of The BFG to all young people?

That's all for now folks but I will promise to blog on Wednesday (I have missed a couple because of migraines and business and am so sorry! I was doing so well!). This Wednesday I should be putting up a few healthy treat recipes. I am just perfecting one of them a little more!

Below is the latest vlog (put up last Friday) and another will be up next week too! Have a lovely rest of day and a fab week ahead :-)


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