30 April 2017


It's May tomorrow guys, May! What?! I am attempting a little series on my YouTube channel for the month of May, called 'Everyday in May'. It speaks for itself really doesn't it? I am going to try to post a short video every single day, just to switch things up a little on my channel really, and give myself something else to do (because launching a business is not taking up enough time obviously!). I would love it if you would subscribe to the channel and support my daily ramblings as it would really help keep me going and generally support the channel too.

Back to this week. It has been a fairly big week for me, more mentally then anything else. As you may have seen, from Wednesdays blog post, I have had a bit of a mental health struggle recently. Things have been up and down like a roller-coaster and it has been confusing, disorientating and isolating. That said, I have had some good days in there too and I think things are back on the upward spiral, which is great. A big thank you to anyone who commented on the post or on anything on social media. You guys have no idea just how comforting your words are and they really make a difference.

Brain update complete, onto the happier bits and bobs from the week!

:: I put my 'big-girl pants' on this week and allowed you guys to have a peep into my Leaf Lane Studio designs on Instagram and on this vlog too! Whilst they are not professionally printed out and ready to go just yet (nearly) I wanted to share this specific part of the journey with you. I had some lovely comments and messages from you guys and, honestly, they gave me such a wonderful boost. I am so excited to get this launched now (not long to go!).

:: When we lived near Salisbury, our garden was a bit of a mossy postage stamp of nothingness. We couldn't grow anything and there were so many left-over builders bricks and rocks under the grass it was crazy. Now, we are fortunate to have a really amazing garden, which has clearly been well loved and cared for. I am constantly amazed by what I find growing in it and this week I was super happy to find some sweet peas; I adore sweet peas and to find them just growing in the middle of the flower bed was fab!

:: Yesterday we drove the coast road from St Ives to St Just and decided to take a trip to Pendeen Lighthouse and have a wander. I had been once before but, as Joe hadn't seen it, I figured it would make a nice change. The view there really is amazing and the water was super blue/green and totally gorgeous too. Because of the rocks out at sea, there was a really unusual ripple effect happening in the water that I have never seen before. I just cannot get enough of the Cornish scenery.

:: A much needed treat day. Yesterday was a re-feed day for me and it was so needed. There was fresh bread, digestive biscuits and sweet and salty popcorn. No more needs to be said. It was delicious.

:: Now that we are both at home during the day we have started a bit of a lunchtime ritual of venturing outside to enjoy a cup of tea together (when it isn't raining of course!). It is so nice to take ten minutes out of the day and stand and have a conversation outdoors, enjoying the sun and looking out to sea. It helps to clear my mind and kind of refreshes my thoughts for the rest of the afternoon. I will never take those moments for granted.

:: This week I discovered a great new blog, thanks to the lovely Gemma, called The Collative. It's a blog that shares all sorts of resources, stories, bio's and artistic ideas and is predominantly aimed towards anyone working as an entrepreneur or freelance creative. I am loving it so far and recommend it to anyone interested in creativity or creative business.

:: As a cat-mum, I can't help but love watching cat related Instagram stories and my favourite this week has to be from the ever so gorgeous Peta! There were some cat-bed related drama's this week which made me giggle (more so because we only have one cat, who has over four beds and pretty much sleeps in none of them!). Check Peta out on her Instagram but definitely have a look at her blog too, because it is so lovely.

:: As you will see in this weeks vlog (linked below) I have had a bit of a teenage-style breakout over the last few days, which is so frustrating and painful. I had pretty much stopped my usual cleansing routine because I don't have the money to go and buy more products, so I think that is mostly why I have had this sudden skin war on my hands. Yesterday Joe kindly bought me some bits for my face, and they have already calmed it right down. I always go back to trusty favourites; in this case it was the Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Cleanser and Efficlar Duo, by La-Roche Posay. The latter is super-soothing for me and really helps to unclog my skin.

That is all for this week folks but scroll on down to see todays vlog and click right here to go through to my YouTube Channel to subscribe for Everyday in May updates!


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