23 April 2017


It's Sunday again and the weather here in Cornwall has forced me into waiting until now to make this post live as, until about 3pm, I was out enjoying my day in the sunshine and fresh air. Waking up this morning to beautiful blue skies and the sound of our new found feathered friends (who have taking to living in the tree just outside the window) made me so thankful. I am still in a bit of a 'I-can't-quite-believe-we-are-here' daze and sometimes find myself staring into the distance and taking it all in. We really do feel like we are in heaven here, I guess it has always been the dream, so it feels like it's not real.

As the days get longer I am determined to make my evenings all about sitting outside with my water-colours and painting more. My day time hours are currently totally focused towards the business launch, meaning that I basically blink and the day is over! I am struggling with the lack of time to create so am looking forward to lighter evenings and lazy hours spent outdoors with a cup of tea and a paint brush.

Have you guys had a good week? Are you starting to wish for warmer evenings spent outside too? What are some of your favourite things to do with the lighter nights?

Onto this weeks favourite bits!

:: Several nights/mornings this week I have found myself letting Gizmo outside at around 2-2.30am. Being the geek that I am, I have followed her out to stargaze, on the clear nights of course. Last night was incredibly beautiful up there and, quite honestly, if I hadn't have felt so chilly, I would have made a home for myself on our table, which I use to lay on to get the best 'space view'. Totally normal behaviour!

:: You guys may know that I am not really 'into' films; we don't go to the cinema very often and I find myself watching documentaries or a good series on Netflix if I get time to watch something. But this week we have watched two films that I thought were rather good! One very cheesy old film, starring Jodie Foster, called 'Contact' and the other was the new Star Wars film, 'Rogue One'. I liked the cheesy one, despite it being old and somewhat weak in story-line, just because it told the story of contact from another planet and the possibilities that could entail. You know I love all that stuff! Star Wars was great too, although I prefer the 'other new one' as I call it... which is now old, 'The Force Awakens'. That amazing description is exactly why I won't ever call myself a 'film-buff'.

:: On Thursday, whilst Joe and I were having our lunch break in the garden, we saw the smallest, fluffiest bee we have ever seen. He was so cute! I tried my best to get a video of him but he was quite the zippy mover! I must learn a bit more about bees because we get so many in the garden and I love them so much.

:: Whilst I am on the subject of the garden... I am enjoying watching Gizmo having her mad five minutes out there too! Seeing her take a run up the palm tree, before realising she is not sure how to get down, has to be one of the funniest things to watch! She gets there in the end but is nowhere near as elegant getting down as she is getting up.

:: I made a new batch of my low carb, high protein brownies this week and they were delicious (note the past tense). If you want to see how I make them then just click right here to go to the blog post.

:: I am really getting into reading and listening to podcasts about working with the moon cycles, as I totally notice how crazy my head goes around the full moon. Seriously guys, I have always noticed it but, now I am using my bullet journal to track my mood, I am really seeing a pattern! I am not talking about 'period tracking' here by the way, simply mood tracking. There are lots of theories about the best time of the moon cycle to be doing certain things such as making plans, putting things into action and resting, and I find this fascinating. This week I listened to a podcast featuring Ezzie Spencer, who talked all about this subject. If you are interested, definitely check out her website, Lunar Abundance.

:: This week I put up a post about building up a better relationship with your body and ironically, on the day it was scheduled for, I was having a rather bad day. I felt incredibly low and very, very depressed. Whilst it was led by hormones, not anything else, it was strange timing that I put up that post on a day where I felt anything but positive. However, ironic timing aside, the response I received from the post and the video that I included in it, was so lovely. Thank you so much if you emailed me or left a comment on the video or on Instagram. You have no idea what a difference that made on that day.

:: We may or may not have treated ourselves to some fish and chips on Friday, which totally don't fit my macros obviously but, you know, if we did have them, they were yummy (we did have them and they were more than yummy!).

:: Now that I am spending a whole lot of time at my desk in the lounge, busy working on products and what-not for Leaf Lane Studio, Gizmo seems to know that there is a lap going spare for a good amount of hours in the afternoon (she sleeps upstairs in the morning!). Usually I can handle her sprawled out on me for a while, but trying to work Photoshop and use a drawing tablet, whilst balancing a sleeping cat, became too much this week. Not content with having a special cushion about a metre away from me because, clearly that is too far from human warmth, I had to make Her Royal Highness a bed on my printer, right in front of me. She seems happy there, for now at least, and it stops the constant meowing and 'bbrrrrr-ing' at me whilst I work. I just have to remember she is there if I want to scan something ;-)

That is it for today's post. I am afraid that I won't be putting a vlog up until tomorrow or Tuesday now as I just don't have the time to get it finished for today. I usually like to be consistent with getting a vlog up, but sometimes life happens huh?! I hope that you guys have a great rest of day xx


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