16 April 2017


Happy Easter guys and girls. I hope you are enjoying your long weekend so far (if you have one of course). Joe is working tomorrow so only a few days off for him, but it has been a nice one here. Today is absolutely gorgeous (^^) so we took an early walk along the coast path for a couple of hours. It felt nice to get todays cardio in without having to sit on my spin bike for 45 minutes! The water was super clear and there was a wonderful breeze that cooled us down exactly when needed.

This week feels like it has been non-stop for me, what with business stuff coming out my ears, sorting out blog posts and videos and squeezing in four gym sessions too! It is so good though and I have finally sorted out some quotes from a really lovely printers so am feeling like I am on my way with Leaf Lane Studio now! I have also managed to get some painting done this weekend too. I feel like I am not stopping for breath, but it is true that, when you start a business, there is a super fine line between work and life as it all seems one and the same. I guess, once it is launched, I will be more able to look at the work life balance.

Let's get onto the gratitude list for this week shall we?

:: Easter treats in the post! This needs no explanation does it? My mum sent Joe and I some easter eggs and treats for us and the bear, which were a total surprise for us when they arrived! Thanks mum! #willpowerrequired

:: This week I have been so grateful to receive some really sweet comments on both my Instagram and YouTube accounts. Earlier in the week I wasn't having the greatest time (mental health battles...urgh!) and when I read the comments I felt overwhelmed as they were exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you to anyone who left something for me this week, you guys are amazing.

:: This week something in my brain has clicked back in to full on macro-tracking mode, and it feels so good. It was one year ago since I started my fat-loss journey and, here I am, one year on, venturing on another challenge. It will be easier this time I think as I am doing it for different reasons and it won't be as extreme but I am thankful that I am back on it. I love a challenge! I am setting myself training goals too, such as increasing the weight I can lift when I am doing my compound exercises, such as squats, dead-lifts and military press moves. Wish me luck guys!

:: I think I say this every week but I am loving having a walk around the garden and watching the little buds opening up. It is such a magical time of year. Many of the pots we brought with us when we moved are jumping into life too (I always think they've died on me but can't bring myself to dig them out and replace them, just as well!).

:: Early morning tea and The Inbetweeners. This has happened a few times this week as Joe has had to be up earlier for work. You can't beat the lingo used in The Inbetweeners at 7am can you?!

:: Peanut flavoured protein bars are top of my 'must eat post-training' list right now. Grenade's 'Carb Killers' are my favourite protein bar anyway but, I have now tried their most recent flavour, and it is amazing!

:: You guys already know my love for fitness personality, Amanda Bucci (she really is awesome) but this weeks podcast episode on building muscle and losing body fat was super insightful and very motivational for me, especially at the moment. To listen to the episode click here! 

:: Among the huge list of 'to-dos' this week was having a think about my logo for Leaf Lane Studio. I liked the one I had but something about it wasn't 'doing' it for me so I redesigned it to be super simple and used a hand-drawn, simple, botanical element to keep it minimalist. I will reveal it next week but I am super happy I persevered with it! 

:: On Thursday evening we took a walk to our favourite little look-out point on the early part of the coast path to Marazion. The sea was so calm with barely any waves whatsoever. As we sat looking out towards St Michaels Mount, we noticed dolphins playing about in the bay, jumping in and out the ocean and spraying water everywhere. I can't get over the fact that we are fortunate enough to see this kind of thing so easily. It feels magical to me every single time.

:: Good Friday was a quiet one for us but we took to the beach in the late afternoon, just in time to see the tide taking away a labyrinth ^^ that had been built Rev. Annie Henry and other local people. I must admit that I had to come home and find out more about what the labyrinth was all about (contemplation and meditation) but it was lovely to see it in use and admire the work that had gone in to building it. As a fan of 'land art', I love what it represents and the fact that it is part of the circular pattern of life (being built and then washed away, back into nature). Having chatted to Annie whilst taking some footage for my vlogs, I now realise that the patterns in the sand we photographed a few weeks back were also labyrinths.

:: Yesterday we took an early jaunt to Mousehole, just for some fresh air and a wander about really. We stopped in a small cafe that we love to have a teacake (definitely not allowed in my macros) and a cup of tea. I enjoyed it a lot though and am 'back on the wagon' today! There is something about Mousehole that is so cute and like a little make-believe village I can imagine dreaming about as a child. The light is gorgeous there too and all the windy roads and hidden houses make it so fascinating.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys; scroll down for the latest vlog (I am in the middle editing another so make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel for regular videos straight to your phone!).


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