2 April 2017


Wow, this week has felt like a blur!

I think I have been through every possible emotion this week and really felt my moods shift with the weather. The early part of the week was cloudy and rainy and I really had to work hard to lift my spirit a little bit but, luckily, the weekend brought with it lots of gorgeous sunshine and the warmth of it on my skin seemed to wash all my worries away.

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday and we spent the day out and about near where we got married, and the evening watching the sun go down in our new favourite restaurant in Marazion. I will be putting up a vlog with some of the day in it later this week but, if vlogs are your thing, I have linked the one I put up a couple of days ago at the bottom of this very post!

Onto this weeks best bits...

:: Yesterday, whilst walking at Cape Cornwall, we popped our heads into the little coast guard watch-tower (I cannot remember its proper name, but you get the jist!). They are run by volunteers and the lovely lady, who happened to be on duty when we were there, was so sweet and answered all my questions about what she gets up to in there and what she has seen. It was super interesting and, quite frankly, I really didn't want to leave but also didn't want her to think we were geeky weirdos over-staying our welcome. She let us look at ships and yachts through the insane binoculars before we left... it was fab! :-)

:: I am super grateful to have started working with Gemma again this week! My main aim is to get Leaf Lane Studio launched and between the two of us we will be deciding on a launch date next week! I am so excited to really dig into our work together as Gemma is super inspirational to work alongside and helps me to feel like I can achieve so much more in life. 

:: We had some beautiful weather last weekend and early this week and the air was filled with the smell of salt water and freshly cut grass. We sat outside a whole lot and it was so calming to feel the sun on my skin. 

:: Puppy cuddles! A friend from my (old) work came to visit last weekend and brought her gorgeous five month old puppy with her! This weeks vlog (linked at the bottom of this post) has a little clip of him enjoying his time on the beach! It was great to have a catch up and spend loads of time outdoors with Huxley too.

:: Meditation. I may go in to more detail, in a future post, about a few things that I am experiencing at the moment but, to help me with a few things that are happening I have started a new morning routine of meditation and journalling. Meditation is something I have dipped in and out of in the past, but I have given up so easily because my mind drives me mental. I think I have developed more patience with these things now so am more willing to persevere with it. The meditation is about 8 minutes (one of Gemma's) and I follow it by journalling whatever comes into my head immediately following it. It is definitely something I need to practice more but I am up for working on it! If you have any top tips please let me know!

:: Is there anything better than a new duvet? Joe picked us up a bargain duvet last Sunday and it is wonderful! I love how new duvets are all puffy and cosy (I'm praying it will stay like that!). I feel like I am laying surrounded by a fluffy cloud at night now and it is heaven! (Is this a sign that I need to get out more? Well, even if it is, I don't want to go out more, because my duvet is too comfortable!).

:: Famous Gizmo! This week I was looking at a local blog I follow, when I stumbled across a very grumpy looking Gizmo. The lovely lady, who writes the blog, took a photo of her sitting on our gate post and, boy, does she look miserable in it! To be fair to Gizmo, she had been having a stare off with a neighbours cat and was clearly trying to style it out! 

:: Strawberry smoothie. I am kind of addicted to the little recipe I will be featuring on here next week. When we were out in Truro a couple of weeks back I had a delicious low fat strawberry shake in the art centre cafe and I have tried to replicate it. It is so simple but so delicious and not that bad for you either! Stay tuned for the recipe, and some others too, next week (fingers crossed!).

:: Beautiful bees. It has been a bit of a bee-filled week this week. I have been loving the sight of them in the garden and watching them buzzing about all our plants and flowers and then, yesterday, we visited the new display of work from my favourite artist, Kurt Jackson, at his own gallery in St Just. It was a collection of his work featuring bee's and lots of useful information on how to care for them and identify them too.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post guys. I have a few plans up my sleeve for posts and YouTube videos in April and May, so if you like videos then maybe head over to my channel and subscribe, that way you won't miss anything I upload! Scroll down for my latest vlog :-)


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