12 March 2017


^^Some unfinished art work that I have been designing ready for my Etsy shop!^^

This week has been a busy, busy one! We had my mum and dad staying from Wednesday, and Cornwall decided that it should be thick fog the entire time, so our trip on the coast road turned into a not-so-scenic route. Sad face. But it was good to catch up and eat some great food together too!

This week I also had my art sale on my other Instagram account. Thank you to everyone who purchased something, it means the world to think that someone likes something I have created enough to buy it. There are still some pieces available and I would love it if you went and had a little look! Just search 'fromlucywithloveshop' on Instagram or click here to go straight there.

Onto this weeks gratitude list:

:: Lovely comments. This week I put up a blog post about how to stay positive. I was a bit concerned to put it up if I am honest, because I didn't want it to be perceived as a 'nothing' post, but some of you lovely people gave me such wonderful comments. Thank you so (very) much.

:: On Friday, mum, dad and I went to Godrevy to see the seals. Given that many things had been going a little off-piste since they arrived I was wondering whether the seals may have all disappeared just in time for our visit (which never happens, but who knows!). Thankfully there were more of the cute little guys then we normally see and so many smaller ones too. Not only were we lucky enough to see seals, but we also saw three pods of dolphins too. I had tears in my eyes when they appeared, and I just feel so lucky to be among all natures beauty everyday now.

:: This may be a really common thing, but I have never experienced it (in all the hours I spend outside at night looking up): on Tuesday evening there was a slither of a moon but when I looked up I noticed a huge circle of light around it, like a giant aura. I saw it again last night too. Maybe it is always there but I have never been in an area with this little light pollution. If you know what it is, do tell! It was so very beautiful.

:: Today Joe and I walked the full coast path into Marazion, about 2.5 miles each way and it was so gorgeous. I love walking surrounded by nature and the smell of the sea and the fields. We stopped in Marazion for a while and sat on the beach for 20 minutes, taking in the view (and building up some energy for the walk up the hill home!). It really is such a privilege to be able to do that whenever we want and feels kind of surreal now we can do it!

:: This week I have been experimenting a little with gouache, a medium I don't usually use and I am loving it so far! The image at the top of this post was the first thing I painted for ages using gouache. I am going to design a range of floral/botanical postcards or notecards ready for my Etsy store (opening soon) and I am loving the process of creating these things <3

:: Malteser cheesecake... yep, that happened at a restaurant this week and it was fab! It was a good food-week as mum and dad unpacked a chocolate birthday cake from their bags when they turned up... alas, today marks the start of my macro-counting again though! (Boo!)

:: Night time Gizmo cuddles. The little bear has been feeling a bit nervous as we have had visitors, which she isn't used to, so she felt super clingy at night time and laid right up under my arm a couple of nights. It was so cute but, boy, she is like a hot water bottle!

:: Birthday money. Mum and dad gave me some money for my birthday this week and I have managed to get myself the bargain of all bargains from Forever 21. Two sports bra's and a pair of my favourite gym leggings for under £30. I will no doubt do a mini haul on one of my vlogs when they arrive (latest vlog at the bottom of this post by the way!). Thanks mum and dad for my birthday cake and pressies xx

That is it for today guys. Scroll down to watch the latest vlog and don't forget, if you are interested in looking at my remaining art work then head on over to Instagram!


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