5 March 2017


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One week has already passed since my 36th birthday and, I hate to say it, but my mum and dad were right, time does go quicker the older you get! The week gone by has been a bit of a whirlwind; we are still sorting out the last few bits and pieces in the house and arranging things to get done etc, but we have finally conquered the internet (fingers crossed) and my latest vlog only took half an hour to upload instead of six hours (I will pop it at the bottom of this post for you to watch if you fancy it!).

How has your week been? Good I hope :-)

Let's get straight on to the things I have been the most grateful for this week...

:: Weather watching. Yesterday, Joe and I wandered down to the beach and watched a huge rain-cloud come in land. It is totally hypnotising and makes me feel so vulnerable, but it also brings a certain stillness to me that is hard to explain. To escape the rain we ducked into the little cafe on the sea front and came back out to bright sunshine afterwards.

:: Not bleeding to death in the gym. Yep, you read that right although, I may be being a tad over-dramatic here! On Friday, whilst performing one of my favourite glute isolation exercises in the gym, I managed to catch my poor old thumb in the machine, taking out a sizable chunk of flesh in the process. In my effort to 'style it out' (I was having a bit of an anxious morning) I kept on going, oblivious to the blood pouring down my hand. I am still alive and the gym floor escaped any drips of blood too (I mopped it up on my jumper because I am a classy bird!).

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:: I have finally gotten around to putting up my artwork on my temporary Instagram account, 'fromlucywithloveshop', that I have wanted to sell for ages. I am looking forward to it going to new homes. Head to the account to see how it works and what is for sale (it will all be super affordable).

:: Amanda Bucci. I need to write a whole blog post about this amazing lady but, to keep it brief for today, she is a fitness and lifestyle YouTuber in the USA, and I love her. I have been watching her channel for a long time and have seen her prepare for a bikini competition and now she is focusing on power-lifting. This lady has helped me stay motivated and inspired in terms of fitness and her transparency on-line is super admirable. If you are into your gym training, definitely check her out.

:: This week I decided to take part in an Instagram challenge on my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram account. The challenge is called 'March Meet the Maker' and has a daily theme/word to trigger a picture everyday. As I am pushing forward with my business post-moving, I thought it would be a nice motivation for me as well as giving me a chance to chat to like-minded creatives on-line. 

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:: Sometimes, it is the smallest things that can make your day the happiest. On Wednesday I was out in the garden having a cup of tea and watching Gizmo run about like a lunatic, when I saw the fluffiest of bumble bees exploring the flowers and plants. I couldn't take my eyes off it and it made me smile. We also get a lot of robins in our garden; I love those little guys too.

:: The picture below shows my pot of succulents. Not long before we moved, I put two tiny cuttings into a pot, from a succulent that was growing within the patio, and now look what is happening!

:: Lastly, I can't do a 'weekly gratitude' post without mentioning some kind of food can I?! This week it is the gluten free rice cakes with white chocolate I bought in Sainsbury's, they are by the brand 'Natures Store' and they are yummy!

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My two latest vlogs are below for you, if you like watching them I would love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel!


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