23 March 2017


* Additional note that I wish to add to this pre-planned post... yesterday saw some tragic events here in the UK and my thoughts and love goes out to all involved; we all need to rise above this madness and stay positive and connected to one another, not separate to one another (which seems to be what these guys would like us to do). 

On to the post...

* * *

Seeing as this month is quickly drawing to a close, I thought I would pop up a (slightly early) Taking Stock post. You guys know I love reading these on other peoples blogs, so definitely link yours in the comments if you do it.

Let's get into it:

m a k i n g | some new work for Leaf Lane Studio. It has been wonderful, this month, to have time to paint, sketch, design, scan, edit and everything else that comes along with creating a wedding stationery suite. I had no idea, until I started this endeavor, just how long the process would take, but I regret none of it.

c o o k i n g | everyday. I say this because I am now home everyday, with my husband, the way it should be! Before we moved I was away two to three evenings per week and we hardly ever sat down and ate together throughout the week. Now, we eat at our kitchen table together every night and it is so good!

d r i n k i n g | too much tea but also a lot of water.

r e a d i n g | now that we have moved I am making more of an effort to feed my mind with a little 'book-knowledge' again! I am currently enjoying Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within by Rebecca Campbell* (blog post coming soon on this book because I love it).

w a n t i n g | (let's all watch my mum freak out by this one) - another tattoo. I am craving a crescent moon tattoo (I have pictured some in this post that I have pinned on my Pinterest account). You may remember that I had three glyph's tattooed in December last year, meaning 'Challenge, Transform, Transcend', and I love them so much. As ever, I want something discreet and just for me really, but if you are wondering what the significance of a moon tattoo is for me, then stay tuned as I will go into more details on this if and when I have it done! (relax mum, you won't even notice it!).

^^ left: wrist moon tattoo from Pinterest, original here / right: forearm tattoo from Pinterest, original source not found / bottom right: quote from Pinterest, original here^^

l o o k i n g | for local printers for my wedding stationery and on-line printers for my (soon to be) Etsy shop. If you have any on-line printers you would recommend please do let me know, I would really appreciate it.

p l a y i n g | my new Ed Sheeran album* ÷ (Deluxe). If you saw Sunday's 'Weekly Gratitude' post, you will know that my lovely hubby bought me this album when I was poorly (this time last week), bless his socks. I popped it onto my gym playlist and I love it, although I did have to skip a couple of the lovey-dovey ones whilst I was lifting some heavy weights. Sometimes only Metallica will do, sorry Ed.

d e c i d i n g | on the content for my Leaf Lane Studio website. I have decided to just get stuff on there and change it as I go because, otherwise, I will never get it sorted out. I am a ridiculous procrastinator.

w i s h i n g | I could fast-forward to my launch day!

e n j o y i n g | watching the ever-changing weather coming in from the sea, and enjoying the sun in the garden. We pop out at lunch time when the sun is out, with a hot cuppa, and stare out to the horizon (and always feel so fortunate).

w a t c h i n g | Mutiny on Channel 4. I don't know if you guys have been watching it, but I am loving it! I have to say, I hate sea travel, and I am totally useless on a boat, but I so admire these men, who are re-tracing the steps of Captain Bligh and his crew on a 6000 mile trip on a tiny wooden boat. Crazy.

w a i t i n g | for the tide to go out. After making several 'school-girl-errors' and heading down to the beach for a walk, only to find no sand to walk on whatsoever, I think I have it all worked out. I feel all prepared now and have a tide app on my phone and the tides pre-written in my Bullet Journal! Go me!

l i k i n g | white chocolate rice cakes (too much).

w o n d e r i n g | why am feeling so tired all the time. I am going to bed earlier, having great sleep, but waking up feeling like I have been out on the town.

l o v i n g | training in my new gym! Seriously, it has all the equipment a girl could desire and I love it!

h o p i n g | to build some meditation into my daily routine asap.

m a r v e l l i n g | over the nights sky. It is so clear where we are. Early this morning (3.45am), whilst I was attempting to let the bear out (she couldn't make her mind up) I stood out in the back garden looking up and was stunned by how many stars I could see.

n e e d i n g | waffles. I cannot stop thinking about the waffles I had at a local beach cafe and am craving them desperately! They are so yummy and the fruit is so fresh and the syrup... oh, the syrup!

s m e l l i n g | fresh, sea air. Also, our cat came home the other night smelling of cucumber on her back... if anyone has any ideas what that was, please let me know!

w e a r i n g | slippers (we have some stone floors in our new place) and a very sexy combination of socks and flip-flops when I go out to the out-house to collect the washing. That is why I am not a fashion blogger!

f o l l o w i n g | loads more amazing creatives, thanks to the Instagram challenge #marchmeetthemaker which I have been doing as part of my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram account. Instagram is one of my favourite social platforms; I love the community there and have connected with so many people that I now would consider friends. Come and say hi on my blog Instagram and/or my business Instagram if you fancy!

n o t i c i n g | how many strange things wash up on our beaches. I want to get involved in the local beach-clean here; it is something that I have always been interested in helping with and, now that we have our own local beach I am super keen to help maintain it.

k n o w i n g | that the next few months is going to be life-changing. I am so lucky you guys because, as of next week, I am going to be working with Gemma again. She has helped me change so many things in my life and I can't believe I will be working with her again. I have my first call on Tuesday next week so will keep you guys up to speed, where appropriate, with the work we are doing together. Find Gemma through: her website / blog /podcast / Instagram :-)

t h i n k i n g | a lot about human psychology. The world is a crazy-arsed place sometimes isn't it?

*please note that my product links, where they link to Amazon, are affiliate links. I will only post products where I would have mentioned them anyway and not for any other reason - that is a promise. 

Thank you so much for reading this post. Let me know, in the comments, what your top three things of the month have been! I have also linked my latest vlog below. I am really enjoying putting up regular videos again and am working on more content for you guys. If you would like to subscribe to my YouTube channel that would really help it become more visible on the platform and I would appreciate your support so much :-)


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