8 March 2017


I have harped on about this more and more but, let me tell you, as someone who suffers (still) with mental health issues, it is so important to dedicate time to remembering to see the glass half full, rather than half empty. It takes practice to see more 'lightness' in the world but, when you do, everything feels so much brighter. One of my biggest day-to-day routines is to listen to a podcast from someone who inspires me, but other than doing that, there are other things, small things, that can make a significant impact on your day...

1 :: Wake up and give yourself something to look forward to. I love doing this and it really shouldn't be something that involves money. For me it could be anything from setting aside half an hour to make a cup of tea and draw something in my journal (often I draw out a positive quote), going for a training session/walk or having a bath with my favourite bath salts/bubble bath (this is my current favourite, usually with a YouTube video, Netflix series or podcast playing too). Whatever it is, set your mind to it and get all the difficult tasks of the day done, with the 'treat' in mind as something to look forward to.

2 :: Write a gratitude list. I do this in my bullet journal now (for more information on that see this blog post or watch my YouTube video!) but I used to have a separate note book. However you want to do it, which doesn't matter one bit, doing it every single day will make you so much more appreciative and positive, trust me! It takes a while to get into the swing of it; initially I would sit there and think 'do I just write that I am grateful for my husband, my parents and my cat everyday?'. You have to let some things be a given and think outside that darn box that everyone is always talking about and start thinking differently. For example, the other day I watched a bumble bee buzzing about for ten minutes in our garden. I was lost in watching it, thinking to myself how amazing nature is. That, right there, went into my journal and when I read it back a couple of days later, I remembered the feel of the sun on my skin and the smell in the air... isn't that the point? Seriously, whatever rocks your boat... maybe it is conversation you have with a stranger in the supermarket, the smell of your fresh clothes, the feel of your child's hand in yours... note these things down and they will spark  happy memories for you when you re-read them.

3 :: 'Be a thermostat not a thermometer'. This is something I have heard a few times recently and thought it was a great statement. In simple terms this is saying don't react immediately to a situation, aka, like a thermometer (i.e. if it is hot, a thermometer shows it is hot, there is no inbetween). A thermostat takes a more intelligent stand and decides what is going on an adapts accordingly. So, putting this in to practice means thinking about a situation you may be finding worrying or frustrating and asking yourself whether worrying about it will change the outcome. Chances are, all that will happen is you will end up drained, tired and confused and even more upset or angry. Rather then do that, take a step back, think about why a situation is happening and if you cannot do anything to resolve it, or you have tried everything you can, try and send some love its way and let go of it.

4 :: Do something nice for someone you care about. Buy someone a card, write a few nice words in there and send it to them... for no reason other than because you can. This random act of kindness will make you feel so good and it is a selfless act, which makes it so lovely. Who wouldn't want to receive a card that says 'hey, I miss you' or 'hey, I think you are pretty awesome'!

5 :: Finally, and I honestly do this now (I really never used to), try your very best to find the positive out of a crappy situation. Truly, this can be the hardest thing to do at the time something is actually happening, but just remember what is important. A time when I realised that I had got so much better at this was last February, when someone drove into the side of my car; I was in his blind spot and it was just bad timing, but we were doing almost 70mph, so it could have been awful. My old reaction would've been to get really angry, but I felt a sense of calm pour over me and I just felt happy. I knew that my car was in a right old state (poor old Pedro!) but at the same time, it was just a car. The guy and I (and his passengers) were all safe, no one got injured and it was fine. After the crash, the guy text me and said 'thank you for being so calm, you helped to calm me down' and I thought 'wow, I guess my mindset has really changed!'. Sometimes things are really inconvenient, but they aren't going anywhere, so just deal with them and carry on carrying on! 

I honestly believe that positivity breeds positivity, so let's all get better at it and wake up in the morning feeling a bit more energetic (good nutrition helps!), inspired and feeding our minds with positive mantras only!



  1. Such a lovely, uplifting post Lucy! I actually had a little tear reading it - in a good way :) I love your ideas and want to share them with others to spread a little positivity around this big old world of ours xx

  2. Lucy you've popped such a big smile on my face! I also try to get active even just for 10 mins in the morning, it changes my whole mood instantly.
    I hope you don't mind if I include this post in my newsletter next week, I think it could help lots of people <3
    Peta x


    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you so much honey! I would love it if it was in your newsletter! <3
      Sometimes I waffle on and wonder if what I'm saying is even making any sense so it is lovely to know it means something to someone ;-)


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