29 March 2017


This Saturday is our two year wedding anniversary, two years! It has flown by so fast and so much has changed since we said our vows to each other on 1st April 2015. We now live less than 5 minutes from the beach Joe proposed on and 20 minutes from where we got married. All of this was just a dream back then and I honestly would never have imagined it becoming our reality. I have Joe to thank for making it all happen. More on that later.

Our wedding day was such a beautiful day for us, so peaceful and just about the love we have for one another (sorry, grab a bucket if required!). The way we got married isn't for everyone and I am sad to say that it has had lasting effects on certain areas of our lives which I don't know will ever change, but am hopeful that they may be understood some day. Eloping is not something everyone understands but, when Joe and I talked about getting married we both quickly realised that we didn't want to have 'all eyes on us' or spend a total fortune on one day. This is not to say that I don't think big weddings are amazing because I really, really love weddings (and I mean love) - or else I wouldn't be about to start a wedding stationery business! It was just a personal decision which we spent many months pondering over before deciding it was what we wanted. It took a lot of talking and some testing times but we still both kept coming back to it.

* To see my videos on eloping and our wedding click here.

I am incredibly lucky to be married to my best buddy and such a gentle, caring soul. Joe is one of the quietest people I have ever met, not that he can ever get a word in with my constant waffle anyway, but what he does say is always thoughtful and worth listening to. He definitely took a while to grasp my sarcasm and sense of humor but I think, after all this time, he is used to me (either that or just smiles, to make me think he understands something, and goes back to thinking about biscuits again).

If you are a believer in the theory that we are sent to this planet in order to learn certain traits or experience something specific in order for us to grow, then poor old Joe was definitely sent to learn patience. Some of the things I do must drive him potty, but I would never know it, for example:

:: My crazy need to dance around like a loony in the kitchen, whilst cooking, (and knocking pans off the hob whilst I do) is never frowned upon, just usually met with the sentence 'are you getting a migraine?' (I often have peaks of energy right before one you see!)

:: The fact that I spot one bit of dust and suddenly go in to a Monica-like-frenzy of housework because 'I can't work in a mess'.

:: I am constantly saying 'try this' and thrusting a spoon or fork of food into his face (he hates that I know... #creatureofhabit).

:: My love of the most cheesy pop songs ever drives him crackers. Joe lives for music, and is super talented at song writing and playing guitar. Then there's me; I love all music, even if I shouldn't at my age and am certain I am a teenager sometimes! The thing is, Joe knows stuff I don't about music, like how many modern pop songs are crafted around the same chords (I think that's right!) and basically all sound the same and he hates how everything is auto-tuned (I do agree but will still dance and sing like an 'X-Factor' wannabe! Thankfully for me, he just laughs... and cries a little on the inside, whilst I secretly download said cheesy song for my gym playlist :-)

:: To contradict my cleaning frenzy habit, I also leave a trail of destruction in most rooms I visit. Usually this is art-related paraphernalia or several notebooks full of business bits and bobs, oh and there's the endless pens and stationery everywhere too... the Tupperware and shakers from training. Oops!

:: My Scrappy-Doo impressions probably grate too if I'm honest. 

The list could go on and I am certain Joe could add many things to it but, somehow, this wonderful man is married to me and I am incredibly grateful every single day for him. He is so supportive and behind everything I do 100% and, if it wasn't for his logic and planning and total selflessness, we wouldn't have been able to live out our dream of moving to Cornwall. I am proud to be able to call him my husband and to know that he has my back through the twists and turns of life and I love spending my time with him. I don't think it is often in life you find someone who 'gets' you completely and I really believe we do understand one another so well. Whatever idea I am chasing,  whatever crazy thing it is I have suddenly stopped everything to try and do and whenever my brain decides to have a total meltdown over nothing, he is there and I am eternally grateful for him.

I love you Mows, here's to many other anniversaries xx


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