2 March 2017


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At the start of the year I decided to start a Bullet Journal (or my version of one anyway!). I have been watching from the sidelines as other people put up videos and posts about them, but never really understood the point, after all, I had my trusty Moleskine diary which I adored and needed nothing more, or so I thought.

I am all about the stationary; anyone who knows me will tell you that you cannot let me loose in any kind of stationary shop and expect me to come out empty handed. I also love notepads and diaries too and always have a notebook handy for lists and various other things that spring into my brain throughout the day/week, but it dawned on me that I wasn't being as productive or efficient as I possibly could be with my diary/notepad situation. I was keeping notes about the same sorts of things everywhere, yet not really getting much of my weekly 'to-do' list done. That has all changed now, thanks to my jump into the Bullet Journal system.

I won't go into all the details about who invented it or where it came from, but you can have a look on the Bullet Journal YouTube channel for more. My version is certainly not the simple, clean layout they promote, but it takes many elements of the idea and, more importantly, it works for me!

The main point of the journal is the initial 'key' system, meaning that when you list your 'to-do's' you can make it clear what has been achieved or what may need to be moved to another day or even postponed completely. This way of crossing things off has worked for my brain, which likes to see accomplishments for motivation, but I am also using my diary in such a way that I truly never forget anything now, and I can use it for notes, ideas, tracking training and many other handy things.

I do still have a notebook that I use to write blog post ideas down in or just other things that come to mind but, what the bullet journal has prevented is my many, many lists, written in random places and never to be seen again. This system helps my old list-writing habit turn into a productive day, a.k.a, I actually get the list done!

I did a YouTube video, about my January/February set up, earlier in the year (find it at the bottom of this post) but wanted to pop in a few photos with some brief notes underneath them to let you know what is working for me, as it may inspire you to create yours...let's get into it!

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^ This picture shows my weekly log (in the background) but also an example, on the scrap piece of paper to the right, of a layout I am going to try for April. With my current layout I just have days and tend to list what needs doing, but you can see, from the example I have sketched up quickly, that I am going to try some time slots, then have a 'to-do' section underneath. I am hoping this will help me be more proactive, seeing as I am working at home on business ideas at the moment (where I am easily distracted by washing and hoovering!)

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^ I tend to stick to one kind of pen in my journal. I use the Staedtler permanent, fine line, pens (in a variety of nib widths). As they are permanent, this means I can use my watercolour brush-pens (Winsor and Newton) over the top with no fear of smudging! I also like the uniformity of using one type of pen. I have also used washy tape in some areas of the journal, but prefer the 'cleaner' look. 

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^ A better view of my current daily/weekly log spread. Each month I use a slightly different theme; as you can see, March is 'ribbons', which I actually quite like!

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^ When I was first looking into Bullet Journalling, I wasn't convinced that a habit-tracker page would be something I would use, but I do find it motivational! I can't stand to see days where I have barely marked off any boxes, so tend to just get things done! This could be too much info, but I also use this as a way to track my strange hormones/period (I know you ladies understand!). The page to the right is fairly self-explanatory but I find it handy to keep this in my journal, rather than in a separate notebook like I used to.

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^ The first page of the new month is always a month-at-a-glance, where it is handy to place things ahead of time (I always have the following months ready to go, before I draw the rest of it in. So, for example, as it is March now, I have Aprils month-at-a-glance already in place, so I can start adding things to it, then I transfer those things to the daily/weekly log once I have drawn it in).

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^I also put a lot of quotes in my journal, which help keep me motivated but also, when I look back on the months, I can see what head-space I was in at that moment by the types of quotes I felt the need to write in! As a side note: the bullet journal I have is the Leuchtturm 1917 official journal, but any notebook would work fine! 



  1. Aww I love your bullet journal Lucy, it's so pretty. The inspiration I needed to keep going with mine for sure! You have such pretty handwriting :)
    Peta x


    1. Thank you so much you lovely lady you! I am honestly loving mine! It is the first time I have stuck with something EVER! Glad you like it :-) xx


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