29 March 2017


This Saturday is our two year wedding anniversary, two years! It has flown by so fast and so much has changed since we said our vows to each other on 1st April 2015. We now live less than 5 minutes from the beach Joe proposed on and 20 minutes from where we got married. All of this was just a dream back then and I honestly would never have imagined it becoming our reality. I have Joe to thank for making it all happen. More on that later.

Our wedding day was such a beautiful day for us, so peaceful and just about the love we have for one another (sorry, grab a bucket if required!). The way we got married isn't for everyone and I am sad to say that it has had lasting effects on certain areas of our lives which I don't know will ever change, but am hopeful that they may be understood some day. Eloping is not something everyone understands but, when Joe and I talked about getting married we both quickly realised that we didn't want to have 'all eyes on us' or spend a total fortune on one day. This is not to say that I don't think big weddings are amazing because I really, really love weddings (and I mean love) - or else I wouldn't be about to start a wedding stationery business! It was just a personal decision which we spent many months pondering over before deciding it was what we wanted. It took a lot of talking and some testing times but we still both kept coming back to it.

* To see my videos on eloping and our wedding click here.

I am incredibly lucky to be married to my best buddy and such a gentle, caring soul. Joe is one of the quietest people I have ever met, not that he can ever get a word in with my constant waffle anyway, but what he does say is always thoughtful and worth listening to. He definitely took a while to grasp my sarcasm and sense of humor but I think, after all this time, he is used to me (either that or just smiles, to make me think he understands something, and goes back to thinking about biscuits again).

If you are a believer in the theory that we are sent to this planet in order to learn certain traits or experience something specific in order for us to grow, then poor old Joe was definitely sent to learn patience. Some of the things I do must drive him potty, but I would never know it, for example:

:: My crazy need to dance around like a loony in the kitchen, whilst cooking, (and knocking pans off the hob whilst I do) is never frowned upon, just usually met with the sentence 'are you getting a migraine?' (I often have peaks of energy right before one you see!)

:: The fact that I spot one bit of dust and suddenly go in to a Monica-like-frenzy of housework because 'I can't work in a mess'.

:: I am constantly saying 'try this' and thrusting a spoon or fork of food into his face (he hates that I know... #creatureofhabit).

:: My love of the most cheesy pop songs ever drives him crackers. Joe lives for music, and is super talented at song writing and playing guitar. Then there's me; I love all music, even if I shouldn't at my age and am certain I am a teenager sometimes! The thing is, Joe knows stuff I don't about music, like how many modern pop songs are crafted around the same chords (I think that's right!) and basically all sound the same and he hates how everything is auto-tuned (I do agree but will still dance and sing like an 'X-Factor' wannabe! Thankfully for me, he just laughs... and cries a little on the inside, whilst I secretly download said cheesy song for my gym playlist :-)

:: To contradict my cleaning frenzy habit, I also leave a trail of destruction in most rooms I visit. Usually this is art-related paraphernalia or several notebooks full of business bits and bobs, oh and there's the endless pens and stationery everywhere too... the Tupperware and shakers from training. Oops!

:: My Scrappy-Doo impressions probably grate too if I'm honest. 

The list could go on and I am certain Joe could add many things to it but, somehow, this wonderful man is married to me and I am incredibly grateful every single day for him. He is so supportive and behind everything I do 100% and, if it wasn't for his logic and planning and total selflessness, we wouldn't have been able to live out our dream of moving to Cornwall. I am proud to be able to call him my husband and to know that he has my back through the twists and turns of life and I love spending my time with him. I don't think it is often in life you find someone who 'gets' you completely and I really believe we do understand one another so well. Whatever idea I am chasing,  whatever crazy thing it is I have suddenly stopped everything to try and do and whenever my brain decides to have a total meltdown over nothing, he is there and I am eternally grateful for him.

I love you Mows, here's to many other anniversaries xx


23 March 2017


* Additional note that I wish to add to this pre-planned post... yesterday saw some tragic events here in the UK and my thoughts and love goes out to all involved; we all need to rise above this madness and stay positive and connected to one another, not separate to one another (which seems to be what these guys would like us to do). 

On to the post...

* * *

Seeing as this month is quickly drawing to a close, I thought I would pop up a (slightly early) Taking Stock post. You guys know I love reading these on other peoples blogs, so definitely link yours in the comments if you do it.

Let's get into it:

m a k i n g | some new work for Leaf Lane Studio. It has been wonderful, this month, to have time to paint, sketch, design, scan, edit and everything else that comes along with creating a wedding stationery suite. I had no idea, until I started this endeavor, just how long the process would take, but I regret none of it.

c o o k i n g | everyday. I say this because I am now home everyday, with my husband, the way it should be! Before we moved I was away two to three evenings per week and we hardly ever sat down and ate together throughout the week. Now, we eat at our kitchen table together every night and it is so good!

d r i n k i n g | too much tea but also a lot of water.

r e a d i n g | now that we have moved I am making more of an effort to feed my mind with a little 'book-knowledge' again! I am currently enjoying Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within by Rebecca Campbell* (blog post coming soon on this book because I love it).

w a n t i n g | (let's all watch my mum freak out by this one) - another tattoo. I am craving a crescent moon tattoo (I have pictured some in this post that I have pinned on my Pinterest account). You may remember that I had three glyph's tattooed in December last year, meaning 'Challenge, Transform, Transcend', and I love them so much. As ever, I want something discreet and just for me really, but if you are wondering what the significance of a moon tattoo is for me, then stay tuned as I will go into more details on this if and when I have it done! (relax mum, you won't even notice it!).

^^ left: wrist moon tattoo from Pinterest, original here / right: forearm tattoo from Pinterest, original source not found / bottom right: quote from Pinterest, original here^^

l o o k i n g | for local printers for my wedding stationery and on-line printers for my (soon to be) Etsy shop. If you have any on-line printers you would recommend please do let me know, I would really appreciate it.

p l a y i n g | my new Ed Sheeran album* ÷ (Deluxe). If you saw Sunday's 'Weekly Gratitude' post, you will know that my lovely hubby bought me this album when I was poorly (this time last week), bless his socks. I popped it onto my gym playlist and I love it, although I did have to skip a couple of the lovey-dovey ones whilst I was lifting some heavy weights. Sometimes only Metallica will do, sorry Ed.

d e c i d i n g | on the content for my Leaf Lane Studio website. I have decided to just get stuff on there and change it as I go because, otherwise, I will never get it sorted out. I am a ridiculous procrastinator.

w i s h i n g | I could fast-forward to my launch day!

e n j o y i n g | watching the ever-changing weather coming in from the sea, and enjoying the sun in the garden. We pop out at lunch time when the sun is out, with a hot cuppa, and stare out to the horizon (and always feel so fortunate).

w a t c h i n g | Mutiny on Channel 4. I don't know if you guys have been watching it, but I am loving it! I have to say, I hate sea travel, and I am totally useless on a boat, but I so admire these men, who are re-tracing the steps of Captain Bligh and his crew on a 6000 mile trip on a tiny wooden boat. Crazy.

w a i t i n g | for the tide to go out. After making several 'school-girl-errors' and heading down to the beach for a walk, only to find no sand to walk on whatsoever, I think I have it all worked out. I feel all prepared now and have a tide app on my phone and the tides pre-written in my Bullet Journal! Go me!

l i k i n g | white chocolate rice cakes (too much).

w o n d e r i n g | why am feeling so tired all the time. I am going to bed earlier, having great sleep, but waking up feeling like I have been out on the town.

l o v i n g | training in my new gym! Seriously, it has all the equipment a girl could desire and I love it!

h o p i n g | to build some meditation into my daily routine asap.

m a r v e l l i n g | over the nights sky. It is so clear where we are. Early this morning (3.45am), whilst I was attempting to let the bear out (she couldn't make her mind up) I stood out in the back garden looking up and was stunned by how many stars I could see.

n e e d i n g | waffles. I cannot stop thinking about the waffles I had at a local beach cafe and am craving them desperately! They are so yummy and the fruit is so fresh and the syrup... oh, the syrup!

s m e l l i n g | fresh, sea air. Also, our cat came home the other night smelling of cucumber on her back... if anyone has any ideas what that was, please let me know!

w e a r i n g | slippers (we have some stone floors in our new place) and a very sexy combination of socks and flip-flops when I go out to the out-house to collect the washing. That is why I am not a fashion blogger!

f o l l o w i n g | loads more amazing creatives, thanks to the Instagram challenge #marchmeetthemaker which I have been doing as part of my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram account. Instagram is one of my favourite social platforms; I love the community there and have connected with so many people that I now would consider friends. Come and say hi on my blog Instagram and/or my business Instagram if you fancy!

n o t i c i n g | how many strange things wash up on our beaches. I want to get involved in the local beach-clean here; it is something that I have always been interested in helping with and, now that we have our own local beach I am super keen to help maintain it.

k n o w i n g | that the next few months is going to be life-changing. I am so lucky you guys because, as of next week, I am going to be working with Gemma again. She has helped me change so many things in my life and I can't believe I will be working with her again. I have my first call on Tuesday next week so will keep you guys up to speed, where appropriate, with the work we are doing together. Find Gemma through: her website / blog /podcast / Instagram :-)

t h i n k i n g | a lot about human psychology. The world is a crazy-arsed place sometimes isn't it?

*please note that my product links, where they link to Amazon, are affiliate links. I will only post products where I would have mentioned them anyway and not for any other reason - that is a promise. 

Thank you so much for reading this post. Let me know, in the comments, what your top three things of the month have been! I have also linked my latest vlog below. I am really enjoying putting up regular videos again and am working on more content for you guys. If you would like to subscribe to my YouTube channel that would really help it become more visible on the platform and I would appreciate your support so much :-)


19 March 2017


It's Sunday! I do love our little Sunday catch ups, don't you?

Spring is really starting to show its head here, with some tulips opening up in the garden and our blossom tree going from bud to flower seemingly overnight (and it smells so beautiful). When the days here are sunny it feels like we could be in the Mediterranean; just the sound of the sea in the distance and the birds and the smell of the fresh air. It really is heaven.

Here's what else has been going on this week:

:: I'm gradually making more time to read again (where are the days where I would devour a whole Harry Potter book in one day?!). Finally I am settling in to reading the second book in my collection by Rebecca Campbell, 'Rise Sister, Rise'. I would like to go into more detail in a blog post about both her books as I love them, so I won't go into many details right now, but if you like spiritual (and very inspirational) reads, then definitely give them a go. I would recommend her first one as an initial read, 'Light Is The New Black' as it is a little less intense but still so stunningly beautiful. It is wonderful to be taking on board some new information. I used to be an avid reader but am just too busy these days, it's crazy really. I would like to be able to pick up a fiction book again but, as time is so precious, I feel I want to be learning something when I do pick up a book. Maybe I should get a fiction book on audio book for when I paint. Any suggestions of a good, lose-yourself-for-a-while, book would be appreciated!

:: Yesterday afternoon, whilst still recovering from a migraine from Friday, I was having a little nap on the sofa, when our lovely little bear curled up right next to me and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later with her paw pushed up against my face. When I was in the middle of the headache from hell on Friday afternoon she didn't leave my side. It was so cute.

:: My lovely hubby bought me Ed Sheeran's new album this week. It was a lovely surprise. I don't get CD's anymore and felt all retro getting a new one :-)

:: Watching Joe play guitar always makes me so happy; I am so grateful to have this gentle, calm and super talented man in my life (and he is grateful to have this ^^ new guitar in his life too!).

:: Popcorn treats. This must be the 100th time I have mentioned sweet and salty popcorn on this list, but who cares, it is yummy!

:: The smell of wood-smoke outside, I really cannot get enough of that smell!

:: Yesterday Joe and I went into Truro to have a bit of a mooch. We went to the cathedral, which was so calming and beautiful; I really love exploring churches and cathedrals, the history and architecture is fascinating. We went to town to look for a guitar that Joe wanted to try and to get a couple of things from an art shop for me. I looked on-line before we went to see what art shops were there and found Truro Arts Company, but didn't expect it to be so amazing! It has a big art store inside the building, with everything you could imagine, plus a space where they run art workshops and a sweet cafe with the most wonderful food! I had an open sandwich, with roast vegetables and a fat free strawberry milkshake, made with yoghurt (it was delicious!). We spent a good hour and a half in there and it was heaven on a stick to me!

:: Walking on the beach after work has become such a great routine. We try and do this a few times a week come drizzle or shine (not rain!). It is such a nice, relaxing way to end the day.

Thank you so much for reading this Sunday's post... scroll to the bottom to see the two latest vlogs, including today's. I would love it if you would click on through to YouTube and subscribe to my account, that way you will be the first to know about any new videos that go up! Also, I still have a few bits of artwork left on my Instagram arts sale if you are interested, including the painting below. Click here to go over to Instagram or search 'fromlucywithloveshop'.


15 March 2017


* Before I start this post, I want to open with a little disclaimer! Last Wednesday I posted about positivity and I don't want today's post to be seen as a contradiction, it is simply an observation. At least when we observe a certain behaviour it means we can positively change it around (see what I did there!). Plus, I like writing about this kind of stuff as we can 'pull together' as a community and stop doing these crazy things that can make us feel pretty bad inside. 

Rant over, let's begin!

Since leaving my job and moving to Cornwall, I have noticed something about my psyche that I have been struggling with and I thought I would discuss it here, as I know sharing these kinds of thoughts is useful and makes us feel less alone with our issues.

Let me start by saying that I have pretty much always been in employment; sometimes in more than one job or hustling on the side at least. For the purpose of this post, can we also just file away the fact that I know we all need money to live. We all need food, water and a roof over our heads, that is a given. 

Before moving, Joe and I did our sums and, thanks to him, I am able to spend a few weeks working on my own business, trying to align everything and launch, before looking for a part-time job to support me along the way. This is an opportunity I am endlessly grateful for and, ever since we unpacked and set up our new home, I have been structuring my days to be 'work days', because they are, the only thing I am currently missing is a salary.

I get up between 6am and 7am, go to the gym, come home, shower, eat breakfast and start my day. If I am somewhat slow at getting started I add the extra time to the end of the day. I take less breaks then ever before because I am so in love with what I am doing that I lose track of time. I multi-task my way through the house work, washing, ironing, cooking and everything in-between whilst making art work for Leaf Lane Studio, designing products for an Etsy store I am looking to open, writing blog posts, recording and editing videos for my YouTube Channel, networking on-line and joining blogger programmes to help get From Lucy with Love out-there more and (hopefully) gain some different opportunities for myself whilst remaining true to the 'brand' I have built up and believe in. This all adds up to a full day of work and I am loving the challenge and the fire in my belly to make these things happen. It feels great, I am feeding my soul doing all this, yet something strange is festering in my head, and that is what I want to throw open for discussion...

I feel inadequate. 

Can this all stem from the fact that, right at this moment in time, I am not bringing in hard cash? That is the only thing I can think of because I am certainly working my butt off. I guess, at this specific moment I have nothing tangible to show for the hours I am putting in but I know that it will all come together very soon. 

Yet, if I know that, then why do I feel like this.

This got me thinking about how many women I know end up feeling like this. Whether it is because they have decided to take a step back from work to raise their family or to go back to education or for some other reason, they are left feeling... well, a bit useless. It is so not true though (and I am saying that to myself as well as anyone else who feels this way).

The way I see it is, as long as you aren't laying in bed, casually sipping tea and watching some junk on TV until late afternoon (which, by the way, is totally okay to do every now and then!) and you are 'up and at 'em' building your life, in whatever way that manifests for you, then you are a capable, proactive human being! As long as you know what you are doing and you are not failing to feed yourself and pay the bills, then that doesn't make you a failure.

I suppose it goes back to that subject I have spoken about several times on here before: just because you choose not to live a 'normal' life it doesn't mean you are inadequate.

Let me know in the comments if you have experienced or are experiencing these feelings, I would love to chat about it more.

Thank you for making it to the end of the post! I really appreciate you reading every word and for being here.

PS: I still have a few bits of art available to buy over on my Instagram account (set up for specifically just my art work)  


12 March 2017


^^Some unfinished art work that I have been designing ready for my Etsy shop!^^

This week has been a busy, busy one! We had my mum and dad staying from Wednesday, and Cornwall decided that it should be thick fog the entire time, so our trip on the coast road turned into a not-so-scenic route. Sad face. But it was good to catch up and eat some great food together too!

This week I also had my art sale on my other Instagram account. Thank you to everyone who purchased something, it means the world to think that someone likes something I have created enough to buy it. There are still some pieces available and I would love it if you went and had a little look! Just search 'fromlucywithloveshop' on Instagram or click here to go straight there.

Onto this weeks gratitude list:

:: Lovely comments. This week I put up a blog post about how to stay positive. I was a bit concerned to put it up if I am honest, because I didn't want it to be perceived as a 'nothing' post, but some of you lovely people gave me such wonderful comments. Thank you so (very) much.

:: On Friday, mum, dad and I went to Godrevy to see the seals. Given that many things had been going a little off-piste since they arrived I was wondering whether the seals may have all disappeared just in time for our visit (which never happens, but who knows!). Thankfully there were more of the cute little guys then we normally see and so many smaller ones too. Not only were we lucky enough to see seals, but we also saw three pods of dolphins too. I had tears in my eyes when they appeared, and I just feel so lucky to be among all natures beauty everyday now.

:: This may be a really common thing, but I have never experienced it (in all the hours I spend outside at night looking up): on Tuesday evening there was a slither of a moon but when I looked up I noticed a huge circle of light around it, like a giant aura. I saw it again last night too. Maybe it is always there but I have never been in an area with this little light pollution. If you know what it is, do tell! It was so very beautiful.

:: Today Joe and I walked the full coast path into Marazion, about 2.5 miles each way and it was so gorgeous. I love walking surrounded by nature and the smell of the sea and the fields. We stopped in Marazion for a while and sat on the beach for 20 minutes, taking in the view (and building up some energy for the walk up the hill home!). It really is such a privilege to be able to do that whenever we want and feels kind of surreal now we can do it!

:: This week I have been experimenting a little with gouache, a medium I don't usually use and I am loving it so far! The image at the top of this post was the first thing I painted for ages using gouache. I am going to design a range of floral/botanical postcards or notecards ready for my Etsy store (opening soon) and I am loving the process of creating these things <3

:: Malteser cheesecake... yep, that happened at a restaurant this week and it was fab! It was a good food-week as mum and dad unpacked a chocolate birthday cake from their bags when they turned up... alas, today marks the start of my macro-counting again though! (Boo!)

:: Night time Gizmo cuddles. The little bear has been feeling a bit nervous as we have had visitors, which she isn't used to, so she felt super clingy at night time and laid right up under my arm a couple of nights. It was so cute but, boy, she is like a hot water bottle!

:: Birthday money. Mum and dad gave me some money for my birthday this week and I have managed to get myself the bargain of all bargains from Forever 21. Two sports bra's and a pair of my favourite gym leggings for under £30. I will no doubt do a mini haul on one of my vlogs when they arrive (latest vlog at the bottom of this post by the way!). Thanks mum and dad for my birthday cake and pressies xx

That is it for today guys. Scroll down to watch the latest vlog and don't forget, if you are interested in looking at my remaining art work then head on over to Instagram!


8 March 2017


I have harped on about this more and more but, let me tell you, as someone who suffers (still) with mental health issues, it is so important to dedicate time to remembering to see the glass half full, rather than half empty. It takes practice to see more 'lightness' in the world but, when you do, everything feels so much brighter. One of my biggest day-to-day routines is to listen to a podcast from someone who inspires me, but other than doing that, there are other things, small things, that can make a significant impact on your day...

1 :: Wake up and give yourself something to look forward to. I love doing this and it really shouldn't be something that involves money. For me it could be anything from setting aside half an hour to make a cup of tea and draw something in my journal (often I draw out a positive quote), going for a training session/walk or having a bath with my favourite bath salts/bubble bath (this is my current favourite, usually with a YouTube video, Netflix series or podcast playing too). Whatever it is, set your mind to it and get all the difficult tasks of the day done, with the 'treat' in mind as something to look forward to.

2 :: Write a gratitude list. I do this in my bullet journal now (for more information on that see this blog post or watch my YouTube video!) but I used to have a separate note book. However you want to do it, which doesn't matter one bit, doing it every single day will make you so much more appreciative and positive, trust me! It takes a while to get into the swing of it; initially I would sit there and think 'do I just write that I am grateful for my husband, my parents and my cat everyday?'. You have to let some things be a given and think outside that darn box that everyone is always talking about and start thinking differently. For example, the other day I watched a bumble bee buzzing about for ten minutes in our garden. I was lost in watching it, thinking to myself how amazing nature is. That, right there, went into my journal and when I read it back a couple of days later, I remembered the feel of the sun on my skin and the smell in the air... isn't that the point? Seriously, whatever rocks your boat... maybe it is conversation you have with a stranger in the supermarket, the smell of your fresh clothes, the feel of your child's hand in yours... note these things down and they will spark  happy memories for you when you re-read them.

3 :: 'Be a thermostat not a thermometer'. This is something I have heard a few times recently and thought it was a great statement. In simple terms this is saying don't react immediately to a situation, aka, like a thermometer (i.e. if it is hot, a thermometer shows it is hot, there is no inbetween). A thermostat takes a more intelligent stand and decides what is going on an adapts accordingly. So, putting this in to practice means thinking about a situation you may be finding worrying or frustrating and asking yourself whether worrying about it will change the outcome. Chances are, all that will happen is you will end up drained, tired and confused and even more upset or angry. Rather then do that, take a step back, think about why a situation is happening and if you cannot do anything to resolve it, or you have tried everything you can, try and send some love its way and let go of it.

4 :: Do something nice for someone you care about. Buy someone a card, write a few nice words in there and send it to them... for no reason other than because you can. This random act of kindness will make you feel so good and it is a selfless act, which makes it so lovely. Who wouldn't want to receive a card that says 'hey, I miss you' or 'hey, I think you are pretty awesome'!

5 :: Finally, and I honestly do this now (I really never used to), try your very best to find the positive out of a crappy situation. Truly, this can be the hardest thing to do at the time something is actually happening, but just remember what is important. A time when I realised that I had got so much better at this was last February, when someone drove into the side of my car; I was in his blind spot and it was just bad timing, but we were doing almost 70mph, so it could have been awful. My old reaction would've been to get really angry, but I felt a sense of calm pour over me and I just felt happy. I knew that my car was in a right old state (poor old Pedro!) but at the same time, it was just a car. The guy and I (and his passengers) were all safe, no one got injured and it was fine. After the crash, the guy text me and said 'thank you for being so calm, you helped to calm me down' and I thought 'wow, I guess my mindset has really changed!'. Sometimes things are really inconvenient, but they aren't going anywhere, so just deal with them and carry on carrying on! 

I honestly believe that positivity breeds positivity, so let's all get better at it and wake up in the morning feeling a bit more energetic (good nutrition helps!), inspired and feeding our minds with positive mantras only!


5 March 2017


 photo fromlucywithloveweeklygratitude5thmarch1_zpsickfyruw.png

One week has already passed since my 36th birthday and, I hate to say it, but my mum and dad were right, time does go quicker the older you get! The week gone by has been a bit of a whirlwind; we are still sorting out the last few bits and pieces in the house and arranging things to get done etc, but we have finally conquered the internet (fingers crossed) and my latest vlog only took half an hour to upload instead of six hours (I will pop it at the bottom of this post for you to watch if you fancy it!).

How has your week been? Good I hope :-)

Let's get straight on to the things I have been the most grateful for this week...

:: Weather watching. Yesterday, Joe and I wandered down to the beach and watched a huge rain-cloud come in land. It is totally hypnotising and makes me feel so vulnerable, but it also brings a certain stillness to me that is hard to explain. To escape the rain we ducked into the little cafe on the sea front and came back out to bright sunshine afterwards.

:: Not bleeding to death in the gym. Yep, you read that right although, I may be being a tad over-dramatic here! On Friday, whilst performing one of my favourite glute isolation exercises in the gym, I managed to catch my poor old thumb in the machine, taking out a sizable chunk of flesh in the process. In my effort to 'style it out' (I was having a bit of an anxious morning) I kept on going, oblivious to the blood pouring down my hand. I am still alive and the gym floor escaped any drips of blood too (I mopped it up on my jumper because I am a classy bird!).

 photo fromlucywithloveweeklygratitude5thmarch3_zpsn8hzrmbq.png

:: I have finally gotten around to putting up my artwork on my temporary Instagram account, 'fromlucywithloveshop', that I have wanted to sell for ages. I am looking forward to it going to new homes. Head to the account to see how it works and what is for sale (it will all be super affordable).

:: Amanda Bucci. I need to write a whole blog post about this amazing lady but, to keep it brief for today, she is a fitness and lifestyle YouTuber in the USA, and I love her. I have been watching her channel for a long time and have seen her prepare for a bikini competition and now she is focusing on power-lifting. This lady has helped me stay motivated and inspired in terms of fitness and her transparency on-line is super admirable. If you are into your gym training, definitely check her out.

:: This week I decided to take part in an Instagram challenge on my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram account. The challenge is called 'March Meet the Maker' and has a daily theme/word to trigger a picture everyday. As I am pushing forward with my business post-moving, I thought it would be a nice motivation for me as well as giving me a chance to chat to like-minded creatives on-line. 

 photo fromlucywithloveweeklygratitude5thmarch2_zpsvcndljqm.png

:: Sometimes, it is the smallest things that can make your day the happiest. On Wednesday I was out in the garden having a cup of tea and watching Gizmo run about like a lunatic, when I saw the fluffiest of bumble bees exploring the flowers and plants. I couldn't take my eyes off it and it made me smile. We also get a lot of robins in our garden; I love those little guys too.

:: The picture below shows my pot of succulents. Not long before we moved, I put two tiny cuttings into a pot, from a succulent that was growing within the patio, and now look what is happening!

:: Lastly, I can't do a 'weekly gratitude' post without mentioning some kind of food can I?! This week it is the gluten free rice cakes with white chocolate I bought in Sainsbury's, they are by the brand 'Natures Store' and they are yummy!

 photo fromlucywithloveweeklygratitude5thmarch_zps3vikheuj.png

My two latest vlogs are below for you, if you like watching them I would love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel!


2 March 2017


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At the start of the year I decided to start a Bullet Journal (or my version of one anyway!). I have been watching from the sidelines as other people put up videos and posts about them, but never really understood the point, after all, I had my trusty Moleskine diary which I adored and needed nothing more, or so I thought.

I am all about the stationary; anyone who knows me will tell you that you cannot let me loose in any kind of stationary shop and expect me to come out empty handed. I also love notepads and diaries too and always have a notebook handy for lists and various other things that spring into my brain throughout the day/week, but it dawned on me that I wasn't being as productive or efficient as I possibly could be with my diary/notepad situation. I was keeping notes about the same sorts of things everywhere, yet not really getting much of my weekly 'to-do' list done. That has all changed now, thanks to my jump into the Bullet Journal system.

I won't go into all the details about who invented it or where it came from, but you can have a look on the Bullet Journal YouTube channel for more. My version is certainly not the simple, clean layout they promote, but it takes many elements of the idea and, more importantly, it works for me!

The main point of the journal is the initial 'key' system, meaning that when you list your 'to-do's' you can make it clear what has been achieved or what may need to be moved to another day or even postponed completely. This way of crossing things off has worked for my brain, which likes to see accomplishments for motivation, but I am also using my diary in such a way that I truly never forget anything now, and I can use it for notes, ideas, tracking training and many other handy things.

I do still have a notebook that I use to write blog post ideas down in or just other things that come to mind but, what the bullet journal has prevented is my many, many lists, written in random places and never to be seen again. This system helps my old list-writing habit turn into a productive day, a.k.a, I actually get the list done!

I did a YouTube video, about my January/February set up, earlier in the year (find it at the bottom of this post) but wanted to pop in a few photos with some brief notes underneath them to let you know what is working for me, as it may inspire you to create yours...let's get into it!

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^ This picture shows my weekly log (in the background) but also an example, on the scrap piece of paper to the right, of a layout I am going to try for April. With my current layout I just have days and tend to list what needs doing, but you can see, from the example I have sketched up quickly, that I am going to try some time slots, then have a 'to-do' section underneath. I am hoping this will help me be more proactive, seeing as I am working at home on business ideas at the moment (where I am easily distracted by washing and hoovering!)

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^ I tend to stick to one kind of pen in my journal. I use the Staedtler permanent, fine line, pens (in a variety of nib widths). As they are permanent, this means I can use my watercolour brush-pens (Winsor and Newton) over the top with no fear of smudging! I also like the uniformity of using one type of pen. I have also used washy tape in some areas of the journal, but prefer the 'cleaner' look. 

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^ A better view of my current daily/weekly log spread. Each month I use a slightly different theme; as you can see, March is 'ribbons', which I actually quite like!

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^ When I was first looking into Bullet Journalling, I wasn't convinced that a habit-tracker page would be something I would use, but I do find it motivational! I can't stand to see days where I have barely marked off any boxes, so tend to just get things done! This could be too much info, but I also use this as a way to track my strange hormones/period (I know you ladies understand!). The page to the right is fairly self-explanatory but I find it handy to keep this in my journal, rather than in a separate notebook like I used to.

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^ The first page of the new month is always a month-at-a-glance, where it is handy to place things ahead of time (I always have the following months ready to go, before I draw the rest of it in. So, for example, as it is March now, I have Aprils month-at-a-glance already in place, so I can start adding things to it, then I transfer those things to the daily/weekly log once I have drawn it in).

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^I also put a lot of quotes in my journal, which help keep me motivated but also, when I look back on the months, I can see what head-space I was in at that moment by the types of quotes I felt the need to write in! As a side note: the bullet journal I have is the Leuchtturm 1917 official journal, but any notebook would work fine! 

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