26 February 2017


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Happy Sunday everyone! Today I turn 36 years old, hooray! Before I go on, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of my friends and family that have sent cards and messages today, it really means the world. Also, you guys have sent some lovely messages on Instagram and that really is so sweet!

As Joe and I have just moved we went with a present-free birthday but, to be honest, he got me flowers and paid for all the food in the world this weekend, so I think we can safely say he did do my birthday! Mum and dad sent through a voucher to my church (aka Boots) which I spent this morning (I will do a mini-haul in one of my vlogs soon - recent vlog linked at the end of this post also!). Mum also sent a sneaky voucher over email for a 'dine in for two' meal at M & S, which we picked up this morning and will indulge in tonight :-) (She knows food is always the way to my heart!).

One more thing... I did a post this week about all the things I have learnt about life (and myself) by the grand old age of 36 so, if you haven't checked that out yet, just click right here to have a read.

Today's post is the usual 'Weekly Gratitude' post so let's get right to it!

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:: On Monday afternoon I took myself out on an hours walk part-way up the coastal path. It was drizzling and misty, but it was heaven! After my walk I head down to the beach and looked for shells and strange things to have washed up, then perched on a rock for a bit and just watched the surfers catching waves. It was so relaxing and I feel so free knowing I can do this at any time of day.

:: I finally spent a while sorting through all my sketch books and putting together a mood-board for what will be another range of watercolour stationary for Leaf Lane Studio. I am super pleased with my art space after having a final move-about in the spare room and I can't wait to get going on some pieces.

:: After receiving a very appreciated Ikea voucher as part of my leaving present from school, we had our order delivered this week. I spent an afternoon building side tables and a shoe rack and now our spare room is coming together and our furniture in our room looks like it belongs together at last! Thank you so much to everyone at work (I still call it work!), we really appreciate being able to get a few bits with the voucher - such a great idea!

:: On Thursday night Joe and I met up with some friends for a meal and it was delicious! I had fish and chips but the highlight has to be the gigantic dessert. I chose a marshmallow, peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake and got dished up the biggest portion I have seen, so big was this slice of cheesecake that I had to take most of it home in a carton!

:: Despite several heart attacks in the process, Gizmo has been out (and returned) a couple of times. I am no cat-expert, but after two weeks inside I made the decision that I needed to start introducing her to the garden as she was starting to go a bit nuts inside. On Friday I let her out and she did a full sniff about and then gave me a mini heart attack by disappearing over the fence for 10 minutes. She finally appeared again at the end of the public footpath at the back of the house. I expect she is very overwhelmed by her new territory! I find it all very stressful but am grateful she didn't just leg-it!

:: An early birthday present arrived this week from my lovely hubby; a huge box of Isle of Scilly daffodils. They are so gorgeous and make the whole house smell like heaven. Thanks husband! x

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:: Having spent quite a while in our lovely garden, supervising the bear as she gets used to the new surroundings, I have noticed how many gorgeous little buds are out! Spring seems so near right now. I love it so much.

:: This morning we indulged in a really yummy breakfast at the Godrevy Cafe, not too far from home. I had the most amazing waffles with syrup and fruit (and maybe a chocolate chip cookie too!). Food is the biggest indulgence for me on a day like today!

:: I am super-duper grateful for my cute bracelet, sent to me by the ever so lovely Helena and her hubby, Rich. Thank you so much lovely lady, I really love it.

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