19 February 2017


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These Cornish weeks seem to fly by even quicker then the other ones. Here we are back at another Weekly Gratitude post already, when I am feeling as if I just posted the other one! It is safe to say that moving caught up with Joe and I this week. It got to Wednesday and we were both struck down with the most severe tiredness ever! It felt horrible and, to be honest, I initially didn't even compute the fact that it could be the move taking its toll. 

We are still fighting the 'internet monster' this week and are expecting another (poor) BT engineer tomorrow afternoon. We have internet at least, but it just needs a broom up its bottom (I'm desperately trying to be polite to the internet for fear of scaring it off!). Apparently, our village all has 'top-speed', it is just our cottage that has an attitude problem. Typical. I mean, two people who work from home don't really need the internet to be fast at all. Thanks tech-demons, thanks a lot! That all said, I did manage to upload the second 'Cornwall Relocation Vlog' this week and it only took just under two hours (much better than the 24 hours plus that YouTube previously quoted!). Because of the internet issues I now have three vlogs waiting in the wings to go up, just thought I would mention it! Eyes peeled to YouTube for the next one in a few days time.

I hope you guys are all having a great day. Today has been a seriously chilled one here, aside from a very sexy mission to track down a grill pan. Yep. A grill pan. In case you are dying to know how that went... it didn't, Amazon was the hero of the day in the end! Before I start telling you exciting stories about air-fresheners or cat litter, let's move on to the highlights of this past week!

:: I managed to join the gym, which I mentioned in my previous post. I serious love it in there guys! It feels good to be back to some kind of routine again. Plus, my first week back on 'macro counting' has gone well! Hurrah!

:: On Monday evening my daddy called me... on the phone... by himself. I am honestly not taking mick here, it's just that, anyone who knows my dad will tell you he 'doesn't use the phone'. We used to be home alone on Monday nights, whilst mum went off to her dance class, but now I am not there, he gave me a call. It was really lovely. Thanks Popple.

:: We walked one part of the coast path, going West, this week. Wowzers guys... the views! I have a vlog coming up with that walk in, so stay tuned. It was the warmest day ever and so clear. I feel so grateful to be here.

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: Joe and I have been making an effort to sit and eat at the kitchen table together each evening, now that we are finally spending the time with one another after four years of me not being home three to four days a week! It's been nice to step out of the lounge and actually talk or listen to something on the radio, cook and eat together.

:: It really has felt like spring is coming this week. Our garden has daffodils and buds forming everywhere and it brings so much promise with it. I can't wait for spring.

:: I had a wonderful delivery from Pullingers Art Shop this week, following an order I placed using the voucher the fab ladies at work got me! I recorded a mini art haul on one of the vlogs to follow (you have so much coming your way peeps!). I am so happy to have been able to get some much-needed bits and pieces so I can be newly inspired to paint!

:: Speaking of art, Joe and I visited Kurt Jacksons gallery in St Just this week too. I love his work so much, he really is a fave of mine. Check him out if you like seascapes and landscapes.

:: Sweet tea saved me yesterday, after we returned from the other coast path outside our house. We walked right up to the furthest point we can see from our garden, a total of nearly five miles. That in itself isn't too far but the terrain made it harder work! I loved every step, but after running up several steep inclines (I can't help it, it's a compulsion!) I felt exhausted and shaky by the time we fell through the garden gate back home.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks little round-up! I love writing these (made so much easier since I keep a daily gratitude journal as part of my Bullet Journal now - see my video for that here!). Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the two Cornwall Relocation vlogs if you fancy a watch.

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