12 February 2017


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This post is coming from Cornwall!! (*mini celebratory dance and song here*).

This post is also coming to you from super-slow internet! (*huge thumbs down emoji!*).

We had a poor, long-suffering BT engineer at the cottage on Wednesday from 9am until 5pm, bless his socks, I was ready to cook him dinner and add his name to the tenancy! He thought he'd worked out the issues but it turns out there is a 'network fault'... not sure what that means, other than we will have another engineer here on Monday! If it is the same guy I had better buy him some posh biscuits!

But, all that said, we are in the house! This has been the very first move that we have actually used a proper removal service. Last time we hired a van and just drove back and forth (moment to appreciate the fact that I loved driving a van!). Having two men lift all your worldly goods onto a truck, drive it to your new house and unload it again is bliss. They work hard! They were little superheros too... running about, disconnecting washing machines, reconnecting washing machines, banging their heads on strange shaped cottage ceilings and walls etc.

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So, with the kind of week we have had, forgive my 'moving to Cornwall' themed post this week; it was totally unavoidable! Let's get to this huge 'list of things I am immensely grateful for':

:: On Tuesday we arrived at the cottage to a hallway full of post. It was so lovely to see some familiar handwriting on the envelopes and be greeted by some happy words and well-wishes from people I/we love. Mum had sent us a card, along with a separate envelope addressed to the cat! Sweet and something that only people with pets would understand! I also had cards from work colleagues and my beautiful friend Helena. I cannot tell you how very grateful I felt to stand those cards on the window ledge right away! I had purposely put a card our hairdresser, Abi, gave us in to my handbag, so I had something to put up immediately!

:: Narcissus everywhere! My wonderful mum and dad sent us some Isles Of Scilly flowers, which arrived on Wednesday. There were so many, and I enjoyed every minute of filling up several vases with their gorgeous happy faces (they are my absolute favourites). They make the place smell so amazing too. 

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:: Everyday, other than yesterday, we have walked the two minute walk to the beach at the end of our road and looked out at the surfers, boats and huge tankers. Life on the coast is so much more interesting to me. So much is happening and nothing is ever the same from moment to moment. The nature shifts as the weather comes in from the sea and the locals are either in flip flops or wrapped up like snowmen! It is so much fun to see it pour with rain, then burst with sunshine and rainbows... that is one of the many reasons I love it here.

:: We have a garden with two separate parts to it and I am totally in love with the smaller area that has a massive table squashed in to it. It is such a gorgeous sun-trap which we took advantage of on Wednesday and sat out with tea, looking out to sea and dangling our legs over the edge of the table like kids! It feels like a dream here.

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:: On Friday I drove to pick up our 'little bear' from the cattery we put her in two weeks ago. She was her usual 'don't even look at me' self (always sulky post-cattery!) but she seems to have settled in. She had me on edge for a while after not emptying her bladder for 36 hours although I was assured, whilst registering her with the vet, that this is normal. I quite literally cried when she finally did it (sorry for over-sharing, but this blog is all about the realness of everyday life!).

:: I have so enjoyed unpacking my home-office bits and bobs. In our old house I had a room to myself which had two desks, one for computer work and the other for craft/painting. Because we have now got one room less, and definitely need the spare room for guests, I have now sorted myself out with my computer desk in the lounge, placing it next to a window so I can see the horizon. The art desk is in the spare room and facing a window for maximum daylight... also looking out to sea. I don't think I even imagined it could be so lovely! There is inspiration everywhere here.

:: For some reason, when we lived in Amesbury, we barely had any birds in our garden. Here in Cornwall we have lots and I couldn't be more thankful. There are robins everywhere here too and I adore those little guys!

:: Last night we ate yummy fish and chips (back to counting macros tomorrow!). We had promised ourselves this treat once we had moved in so Joe drove to our favourite shop in Carbis Bay, and returned home grasping hot fish and chips. I also had a small glass of 'grape juice' to go with it!

:: Dogs faces. Let me explain. From the back, our downstairs windows are on ankle-level to people walking by. This means that, rather than human eyes looking in, we have cute dog faces looking in... it makes me laugh every time it happens!

That is it for now, I could go on and on about all the things I am grateful for this week, but had better not over-do it for fear of running out of future content! I hope you guys are all doing well. From tomorrow I am back on another twelve week 'mini cut', like the one I did before. I would love you guys to hold me accountable but if you are on a health and fitness mission why not let me know and then we can stay in touch and cheer one another on! I will be more active on Instagram and will also be using my hashtag #fromlucywithlovefitness so jump aboard the motivation train, there is nothing better than helping each other out and keeping the inspiration and motivation high!

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  1. Oh my love you have no idea how happy reading this post made me. Happy happy happy moving week. I am over the moon that it went so well and you sound so veyr joyful. Sending you all the love from Barcelona and wishing you years of happiness and Cornish fun.

    I'm so glad the little one has settled and your fish and chips sound delicious!

    Peta xx


    1. Thank you for always being so positive and so lovely! I can't believe we are actually here... now to build a life! No biggy! :-)

      I hope you have had a fabulous weekend xxx


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