5 February 2017


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As I sit at my computer typing this I am very gritty-eyed and heavy-hearted, but not in a sad way, well, sad because I already miss some of my work buddies, despite only saying goodbye to them yesterday, but other than that I am happy for the coming days and weeks, as we move our whole life to Cornwall and start all over again. I feel heavy hearted for the close of a chapter of my life that meant so much to me, but it was the right time and the right thing to do, it was just very, very hard for my poor little brain to comprehend! Not only that but, this morning, I had to drive away from my mum and dads house for the last time for a while and that was tough too.

It is such a bitter-sweet time. I am ready to start a new adventure and ready to get things I have only ever dreamed about up and running. I am ready to make some new friendships and push myself in new ways that will align my life with where I want it to be. Anyone who has ever gone through a big move will understand the emotional roller-coaster that it involves.

Everyone at work was saying to me 'you mustn't be doing much this week' but, honestly, it was one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long old time (it was also pretty great fun too!). I was utterly spoilt on my last day and I was/am still completely overwhelmed by it all.

Here are some highlights and moments of gratitude from the week gone by:

:: Flowers, flowers everywhere! I have been such a lucky girl this week, receiving several bouquets of flowers from different people at work, including some from the lovely sixth form dance students and some from a company we work with, who I communicate with several times a week. Over a few years, even though we have never met, I feel like we have forged a friendship and manage to cheer each other up when we are having difficult times. When their flowers were delivered I was so grateful (they sent me a leaving card the very next day too, with some lovely words inside). I also had the most beautiful flowers I have ever received, given to me by a colleague at work. Honestly, they are gorgeous guys! Just see the picture for evidence!

:: My buddy at work, CB, made my week super special. She has always been the school nutter in many ways. Don't feel bad for her... my statement is totally justified, I mean, she wrapped my office in yellow paper, it was over everything. What couldn't be wrapped had a yellow post it note stuck to it. That was a couple of years ago and I was still finding post-its as I packed my office away. This week she continued her reputation but leaving a variety of gifts on my desk including: a bucket and spade, flip-flops, giant sunglasses, many tissues (for my many tears), a bag of pressies that were all the colour blue (because work '...will be blue without me'...bless!), teddies, chocolate, protein bars (whoop whoop!) and then at my leaving party, last night, I got a whole other bag of treats. I love that woman! 

:: I was also fortunate to receive some amazing gifts from other colleagues. I can't list them all but I am so grateful for everything these guys did for me. My Yateley School family have been wonderful and I shall miss them all so much.

:: Salted caramel cheesecake. Mum cooked a special meal on Thursday night. There was salted caramel cheesecake from Marks and Sparks and it was amazing. That's all there is to say about that!

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:: I got a rather cute jumper from a brand called Squidgys this week and I love it! I am not the biggest coffee fan at all and definitely think there is a gap in the market for a 'Carbs, Cocopops and Cuddles' jumper but, for now, I will feign an interest in coffee!

:: I am super grateful for the fact that there is now less than a week to go before we collect our little bear and take her to her new house. I am a little anxious about it but not as much as I was for her being in a car for five hours!

:: After thinking that I was going to have to move to Cornwall in desperate need of a hair cut, my gorgeous (and ever-so-lovely hairdresser), Abi, managed to squeeze my mess of hair in to her schedule this week! Phew! No Worzel Gummidge hair for me! Thanks Abi <3

:: Puppy cuddles. My final thing to mention is how amazing it was to have a surprise visit from little Huxley (I am his God/Dog Mother, in case you wondered!!). I am clearly not going to see him for a while as he lives with his mummy in Southampton, but he was brought to see me on Wednesday and I was so happy to see him! If you want to see a clip of Huxley (he is adorable) click here!

That is all for this week! I have to get back to putting our lives in a box! Thank you so much for all the support you have given me with this massive move. You guys are amazing.

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