15 February 2017


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I couldn't decide what to call this post when I sat down to write it; I wanted to hop on here and have a little chat about the last couple of weeks; it is all so overwhelming that my brain is not functioning on full power (hence the title struggle!). So, consider this a general 'life update' post!

Relocating to somewhere that we have always wanted to live is so unbelievably exciting, but it really takes some strength to leave one life behind and venture into another (even when you know the place you are moving to is amazing!). That said, it is surprising what inner strength and bravery you can muster when you realise that now is the right time to do it and you have to go for it.

As woo-woo as it sounds, I have been spending the last twelve months consciously trying to 'tune-in' to my intuition so, when we first came to start the whole process of moving to Cornwall in the summer of last year, I really tried to pay attention to how the situation we were looking into felt. You may remember we came to look at the Falmouth area in August because I had a job interview and we also viewed a house (it was a big 48 hours!), but something just didn't feel right about it, so nothing more happened. Then in November we viewed a gorgeous house in an idyllic village setting, that we adored but, once again, something just didn't feel right about it. I had all these deep-set feelings of unease and anxiety that were quite different to anything else I had felt before.

Some of you may know that I am into my spiritual stuff, and I talk to my guides/angels and regularly pick out cards to help give me inspiration for my day or week (I am no way near developed enough in this area but am trying to work on this specific area of my life daily). When all this ^^ was going on and I was getting feelings of unease, I did an angel card reading that told me to wait, not make any moves for a while and to tune in to my intuition.

After what felt like a lifetime, we finally saw the house we are in now on a property site on-line and arranged a viewing. Before the viewing I said to Joe 'that's our house', I knew it was the one, I felt it was right. Other people had booked viewings before ours and we knew that there was a high possibility that it would already be rented out before we even got to see it. As it turned out, everyone else cancelled and we were the first, and last, to view it. Everything else just seemed to slip into place from there, with no ill-feelings and no barriers. Maybe there is something in this intuition thing!

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Now we are moved in (second 'Relocation Vlog' going up on my YouTube channel as soon as the internet allows!) and most of our belongings have a home, life can now start being formed here. I must admit, it has been strange going about the usual, daily activities, somewhere normally associate d with holidays, but it feels so good.

Quick bit of moving advice anyone? Okay...

:: If you are moving somewhere that means you have to start over with everything you know, I would recommend that you quickly plan out how you are going to maintain the 'usual routines'. For me, joining a gym was a top priority, for both my mental and physical health. It is also something that gives me quite a lot of anxiety, despite being a regular gym-goer, so I felt it was important to just get it done, so I got my butt to the gym within a few days of being here and signed up immediately. I went for the first time yesterday. and it was so good to have that sense of normal life back again.

:: I would also recommend getting yourself a 'space' set up that allows you to feel like something familiar is in your new home. I set up my computer desk straight away, and started hanging some pictures around the place, it really helped my mind settle in.

:: It is also so important to take a step back, during the move, and take in your new surroundings and remind yourself of the 'why' behind the move. Yesterday we stepped out our little gate and walked the few metres to the coast path that leads around to Marazion. We walked for a while in the sunshine, and just took our time to appreciate how lucky we are to be here and to celebrate actually doing the move!

:: Get back in to a normal sleep pattern and eat healthy, nutritious food. Maybe it was just us, but moving meant quick snacks on the run and I really suffered, energy wise, as a consequence of this bad nutrition. I did, however, manage to drink so much water that my tonsils needed armbands, so that was a bonus!

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Plans for the next few weeks...

With only a few odds and ends left to do from the move I have a period of time ahead where I need more focus than ever. I am now ten days in to not having a full time job, which is so strange for me, but I want to make sure that I use my 'free' time effectively, whilst I have it. I am giving myself until the end of this week to finish the moving-house-jobs then, with Joe back at work on Monday, I will be hammering away at Leaf Lane Studio work, trying to increase what I do with From Lucy, with Love and also looking at setting up my Etsy shop too (all the while looking to pick up some regular hours somewhere else too). Any words of encouragement or advice are always welcome, so feel free to reach out if you have any nuggets of inspiration for me!

One last thing to mention is that, during the move, I re-visited some artwork that I have made over the years, including some limited edition dry-point prints that I did whilst at university. Over the next couple of weeks I will be photographing them and getting them on a temporary Instagram account, where they will be available to buy through PayPal, should you be interested in doing so. It will be a first come/first served, kind of deal, and you will need to comment with your PayPal email under the picture you would like. I will include all the details in the information below the picture, and will probably show everything one week in advance of it going on sale, remove all the images the day before and then start the sale (not everything will go up at once!). If you think you may be interested the best thing to do is to follow my 'fromlucywithloveblog' Instagram for now, but the temporary account is 'fromlucywithloveshop'... so, add both to be in the prime position!

Thank you so much for all your support guys, you really mean the world to me.

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