29 January 2017


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Two more days of January left, well three if you include today, and one more week left at work for me. Yikes. One. More. Week. Holy crap sticks! This whole, moving to Cornwall thing seemed like it would never happen and then, suddenly, boom, it's a couple of weeks away... not even that actually. Can you feel the excitement levels rising? I am so giddy about this move that I can barely see straight.

Yesterday we had a Cornwall road trip, and packed up the car with three humans (Joe, me and my mum) and one fur-ball (Gizmo) and set off West to drop Giz into her temporary home for the next ten days. I am heartbroken to be at home without my buddy, but it had to happen. She was getting a little freaked out with the changes around the house, but then totally confusing me by playing on/in all the boxes like a lunatic. I plugged in the Feliway for her, to try and help any stress... well, actually I almost plugged in an air-freshener but, luckily for the cat, Joe noticed my mistake! She would have been chilling out to 'freshly washed linen' if I'd have had my way! Bless her paws.

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Other than worrying myself into an early grave about the bear, these are the positive happenings of the week...

:: The first thing on this list must be my wonderful husband, who I am always grateful for of course, but this week specifically I have been a bit all over the shop, health-wise. I don't know how he does it, but he always knows the best way to comfort me, and gives the best hugs ever :-)

:: On Monday, whilst painting set for a show in the dance studio at work, we decided to have a mini-disco. The lights were turned out, the disco lights were turned on and some rather cheesy music played for us to dance to. Three mad people prancing about at 10.30am on a Monday = one of the many reasons I will miss my job!

:: On the subject of my job, I received an email, wishing me well on my new adventures, from an ex-school governor. I thought it was so nice of him to email me and say goodbye and thanks for what I have done over the years (although I did immediately thank him back, because he was pretty amazing!). Those sorts of things really mean a whole lot to me.

:: My mum pulled out all the stops on Monday and made the most yummy dinner! I can't, for the life of me, remember what it is called (I will have to ask her), but all I know is this: it was Greek, there were aubergines, there was mince and it was soooo good!

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:: On a mission to 'clear out the cupboards' ready to move, I discovered an unopened jar of cashew butter... I've never tried it and clearly forgot about it! Guys, it is amazing! 

:: Baths are back. Did you not know they had gone away? Well, post tattoo there is no bathing for a few weeks. Last Sunday, I finally ventured back into the tub for a long, hot soak after training and it was wonderful. I missed the bath! 

:: Having visited our new place again this weekend, I have to say how overwhelmingly grateful I feel to be moving to a beautiful, cosy little cottage with the most gorgeous views. You can see the sea from all front windows and the garden but, and this is such a wonderful thing for us, you can hear the sea too! We didn't notice it last time, when we first viewed the house, but were over the moon to realise that we will be able to hear the sea whilst we lay in bed at night or are relaxing in the garden with a cuppa. Renting may be a bummer, but there is no other way we would have this opportunity... every cloud and all that!

I think that pretty much sums up this week. It is now full on until we move but I will do my very best to get a post up on Wednesday and Sunday (we move over 6th and 7th February). Forgive me if I do go a little AWOL, I know you guys understand. Have a lovely new week.

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  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world, just reading this has given me goosebumps. You'll be in my thoughts all week I'm sure Lucy! What an incredible, exciting time and an amazing new chapter of your life.
    Peta x



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