15 January 2017


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We are mid-way through the first month of 2017 already (mid-way. what?!). How is 2017 treating you so far lovely peeps? Have you been sticking to your goals and new motivations for this year? I'd love to know what you have set your mind to this year so please do come and tell me in the comments below!

For me, this week has flown by in a blur of painting set for a school dance show, breaking the news to colleagues that I will be leaving in early February, and feeling more tired from life than I have in years. Not in a bad way, just in a life-is-pretty-full-on-right-now-and-my-brain-is-tired kind of way! I officially fell asleep in Waitrose car park on Thursday morning, whilst waiting for it to open. I woke up in a right old tizzy, not knowing what was happening. Thank heavens no one saw my dazed face!

On that note, let me share with you some little moments and things that I am grateful for this week...

:: My new journal experiment! I decided, after years of having a notebook for every subject matter and every life-happening, that I would give this whole Bullet Journal thing a go and, I have to say, I am loving it so far. I plan to do a short YouTube video to show you my first ever set-up and what layouts I decided on for January, and will try and do monthly updates to. I have been hooked on watching other peoples videos because, well, I love all things lists, planning and stationary. This method of planning is so flexible, which is why it works for me, plus I can be super creative in the layout and add in little quotes and doodles because there are no rules or limitations. If you want to see this video recorded please let me know!

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^^My stunned face having handed my notice in at work^^

:: Amazing support from the lovely Gemma Sands. You guys may remember that I was doing some wonderful business/lifestyle (life-saving!) coaching with Gemma and we have stayed in touch since, which is fab, because she is awesome. I have been messaging Gemma to fill her in about what Joe and I are up to with the move and she has been super supportive and so encouraging. I swear that, if I hadn't of worked with Gemma, I would not be anywhere near the person I am now.

:: Clear nights and bright moons. After driving home through pretty full-on rain and snow on Thursday night, we had the most clear, starry night and it was so beautiful. You guys know that stars are 'my thing'. I will stand outside during the early hours of a freezing cold morning in mid winter, whilst I wait for the cat to decide whether she wants to go out or come in or whatever, just watching the sky twinkle and satellites pass over. It is humbling and so hypnotising to watch, plus it reminds me how small my problems and worries are.

:: Hearing, somewhere on Instagram, about Etsy Resolution. I plan to set up my Etsy store within the next month or two, which will be the paper products arm of Leaf Lane Studio. Whilst it isn't rocket science, I want to make sure that I do things the right way on Etsy, and create some impact with my new venture. I was scrolling through my IG feed this week when I saw a post that mentioned Etsy were doing a free set of emails, plus other support, to help newbies like me set up and launch their shops. I am super excited to start this new venture as I have wanted an on-line shop for as long as I can remember!

:: Finding another inspiration podcast. You guys know I love a good creative entrepreneurial podcast and, this week, I got really into 'Creative Biz Rebellion', run by business owners Caroline and Kelly. I listened to a few but loved their 'How we rock Instagram' episode. I find their style so easy to listen to and not too 'stuffy'... if you know what I mean? They are just normal girls sharing their experiences and I can connect with that! I have quite the list of business-related subscriptions nowadays, so may do a little blog post updating you guys on which ones I like soon.

:: Lastly, albeit a little late (because I had to break the news to my parents...eek), I am super grateful to have had my little tattoo done! Yep, after years of wanting it, it has been done! I had it in December, right before Christmas, and I love it. It is the one I put on my Instagram a while back, so click here to remind yourself, but I had it put on my left ribs. It is ever so dainty and small, but it is just for me, to remind me of some of the things I have gone through in life and I could not be happier with it. If you want to know who did it, her name is Georgina and she is one cool lady! (Check out Georgina's Instagram!)

Anyway folks, that is about it for today! Have a wonderful week, speak to you soon.

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  1. Aww this post gave me all the happy feels Lucy what a lovely week although the falling asleep in the car park doesn't sound as fun! I love your tattoo, what a beautiful and unique design. I hope you're well.
    Peta xx


    1. Thank you lovely lady! I managed to stay awake in all the car parks this week! Go me! I hope you are doing well honey xx


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