8 January 2017


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Phew, one week of 2017 down! I am always thankful to get the very first few days marked down of a new year and to get past that strange stagnant time, where no one knows what day or time its is, and we all kind of float about for a while! How has this week been for you all? Good I hope.

This week has started well for me really. I am grateful for so many things already and am feeling super positive about the next few months ahead. I feel in a much more positive frame of mind this January, when I usually start the year feeling a bit deflated and subdued. 

Without further a do, let's dive straight into this weeks gratitude list shall we?

:: Puppy cuddles with the gorgeous Huxley! He has grown a whole lot since I saw him before Christmas and is so lively but I just adore him!

:: This week, a colleague of mine told me that she had re-used a handmade watercolour Christmas card I did for her and, when she told me what she had done with it, it made me all emotional. Several months ago she lost a family member and decided that she would lay some flowers on her grave, along with the painting I did on the card as she loved it so much she wanted her loved one to have it. I thought that was so lovely.

:: I have got straight back on the macro-counting now and I am grateful that I have learned to chill out a bit more after a Christmas binge. Did I put on some weight? Yep! Did I gain inches? Yep. Am I okay with it? Hell yes. That is quite an achievement for me because I usually feel awful about it. Last year I worked so hard to lose weight and gain a healthy mindset that would see me through for life, that I knew I deserved a break and a bit of indulgence. I enjoyed it so much but stuck with my training throughout the festive season, only letting go of the nutrition for about ten days. I noticed how my body felt sluggish and that I reacted quite badly to the amount of dairy I ate, but I got straight back to it and already feel so much better. I have set more goals and am determined to reach them. Having a more healthy mindset has made so much difference to me though. I am learning, after all these years, that balance is key to achieving.

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:: Supportive work colleagues. I am smack bang in the middle of a huge change of direction and, having shared my thoughts with some close colleagues, it is so lovely to feel the support and encouragement of other people. Nothing major usually happens around here so it can be a little daunting, but it has been awesome to feel a boost from the people you care about.

:: De-cluttering. I hate to sound like an old lady, but there is nothing like sort-out of all your treasures to help you feel more organised and 'free'. Joe and I sorted through a whole load of books, DVD's and computer games this week and, in a rather inspired move, we decided to give Music Magpie a shot (after seeing that slightly terrifying TV advert, with that stuffed bird pointing his wing at various things in that poor mans house and asking if he wanted him to take it away for cash!). Having typed in over 100 bar-codes we earned ourselves almost £90! Woo-hoo! #goteam

:: This week I watched a really, really good documentary on Netflix called 'Minimalists' (or Minimalism... can't remember right now!) and it was so aligned with how my brain is starting to function. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the pace of life or the materialistic things in life, I recommend giving it a watch.

:: Early mornings. I am not always grateful for my alarm going off, but I do like watching the sun come up and seeing peoples lights slowly turning on in their homes, imagining them all sleepily wandering about making tea or coffee. This week I got up early every day, even this weekend, just to ensure I got my workout in and had the whole day ahead of me still.

That's it for this weeks post guys. I am hoping to share some exciting news with you next week (fingers crossed) so hang on in there! Have an amazing week ahead.

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  1. Loved reading this on a Sunday night! It made me feel all ready for the week Lucy :) It sounds like a lovely week and well done on the eating and working out front! I'm getting right back to it starting tomorrow with early morning workouts too as I can't trust myself to work out in the evenings - it rarely happens!

    I hope you have a lovely week :)
    Peta xx

  2. It sounds like you've had a fab week! How cute is that puppy though!? x
    Sophie Cliff


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