25 January 2017


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Welcome to January's 'Taking Stock' blog post. I cannot believe we are here already. This has been the fastest month ever, what with all the life-changing shenanigans! How has your month been? Why not do a Taking Stock of your own and let me know in the comments if you have done it; I really enjoy reading these posts.

Let's get straight to it shall we?

Making :: my Bullet Journal layout work for me (click HERE to see the video!)
Cooking :: batches of food for work again (Turkey Muffin recipe is on my list 'to do' for you guys)
Drinking :: some new pre-workout from PE Science called 'Alphamine' - loving it so far!
Reading :: old card / notes / letters I have found whilst packing up my office <3
Wanting :: a pizza, so desperatly!
Looking :: dazed by everything we have to do
Playing :: Ed Sheeran's 'Castle on the Hill' and Adele's 'Water Under the Bridge' - my favourite songs this month.
Deciding :: on a moving date! (7th Feb!)
Wishing :: I could zap Gizmo to Cornwall, rather than having to put her through a car journey.
Enjoying :: how much more organised and ahead of schedule I am now I am using a different planner.
Watching :: old Star Wars films, snuggled up with Joe and our bear.
Waiting :: for my last day at work to come around. It will be the end of an era.
Liking :: that I am feeling super inspired, despite being in the middle of one of the most stressful things you can do (moving).
Wondering :: how long it will take to get used to the fact we have finally moved to our favoruite place. It will feel so surreal for a while I'm sure!
Loving :: my new tattoo :-)
Hoping :: I will be able to find a little job sooner rather than later when we move.
Marvelling :: at the stars on a cold, clear, winters night. Simply stunning.
Needing :: to look up some more 'macro friendly' recipes for next month as we are having the same things all the time. Anyone have any good low-carb meals that can be batch cooked? Let me know!
Smelling :: of an open fire, after leaving the pub with Helena last Tuesday evening.
Wearing :: ripped jeans and old t-shirts #movingfashion.
Following :: lots of new business podcasts (blog post soon).
Noticing :: that many of the materialistic things I used to think were important don't even enter my mind anymore.
Knowing :: I will miss my work buddies so much.
Thinking :: of the future and feeling unbelievably excited!

Thank you so much for stopping by today guys. If you want to see a bit more waffling from me, be sure to 'like' my Facebook Page! Have a great rest of week.

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