20 January 2017


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The secret is out! You finally know why I have been super cryptic about some things on here and on social media recently (and you may realise why there has been a few, not so cryptic, day trips to Cornwall too - yep, day trips... ouch!). If this is all news to you, and you missed my Friday post, go check it out! But, in a nutshell, we are moving to Cornwall! (*insert all the excited emoji's here!*)

You all probably know by now how in love with that most gorgeous place Joe and I are. It is no secret, we go there a lot.

The first time I ever visited Cornwall it was like I already knew where things were, like my soul said 'oh, I am home again' and, ever since that day, over ten years ago, I have yearned to live there and never wanted to leave at the end of a weeks stay.

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No amount of people saying 'but you'll never find work' / 'do you realise how quiet it will be off season' / 'but it is just so far away' (etc) has made a drop of difference to me/us. It feels like home and now, finally, it will be home. I don't think I have ever been more excited about anything. It feels so right. so perfect. Everything will change, but I couldn't be happier.

We will have the sea at the end of our road, with a coastal path, to one of my favourite places, Marazion, not far from our back gate. We will be able to walk everyday with the most beautiful views (come rain or shine) and have rugged, changeable scenery everywhere we turn. Inspiration will be found around every corner, from things that wash up on the beach, to gorgeous, weather-beaten wild flowers, clinging onto the cliff tops for dear life. 

Fulfilling this dream comes with a very, very scary side though; to start over in Cornwall I have to quit my job before we move and find something new asap. That is the single most scary thing I have ever, ever, done. It terrifies me to my core, but it is a sacrifice that had to be made. I have plans, as you know, to finally launch my wedding stationary and paper products business, Leaf Lane Studio, this year and to set up an Etsy shop too, but I will need at least a part-time job. The silver lining to this, because you have to look for one, is that I will have that very precious commodity that we all could use more of, time. I will have more time to create for a while. Time to set things in motion.

Sometimes in life you can't listen to that little voice in your head that is saying 'stay where you are, it is safe here' because you need to jump, to take a risk. Life is about risking it all sometimes, and that is what is happening now. But the pro's far out-weigh the cons and that is when you know it is right.

Thank you to all of you who have messaged and commented your positive and supportive words because we certainly need them whilst we pack our life up! You guys are the best!

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  1. Congratulations! If the place makes you happy then you just find work, it will be amazing and I cannot wait to see your blogs from there/your wedding invite business xx

    1. Yay! Thanks Lucy! It is a super-exciting time. I should be terrified but I'm just not (which must mean it's right! Lucy Logic right there!). Thank you for your support hun, have a fab weekend xx

  2. Such exciting news!! You will love it down here!! Yes we don't have all the big fancy shops but that is what internet shopping is for!! :) It also means you save money ;)

    It will also be nice to have a fellow wedding stationer living down here!! We will have to meet up when your settled...!

    1. Thanks honey!! So excited now. We have wanted to down there for so long! I never get a chance to go shopping anyway... rather be near the sea! :-)

      So excited to launch my business too, I have my 'L' plates on as I'm a newbie (whereas you are super duper and experienced!) but fingers crossed I can get it off the ground very soon!

      Would be fab to meet up for a coffee and a chat when we are moved in and settled! I'd LOVE that xx


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