1 January 2017

HELLO 2017

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Happy New Year lovely people! Did you have a good NYE? Joe and I were actual old people for the night and I loved every minute! We watched Harry Potter, ate yummy food and I even cracked open my first, and last, bottle of wine of 2016. We know how to do rock 'n' roll guys, we really do! I have this stupid theory about how to make New Year celebrations successful and that is that we either do it 'all in' (smart dress, a bit of glitter perhaps, champagne and definitely dancing!) or we stay home and have our comfy clothes on. This year we obviously went for the latter!

If you read my previous blog post about saying goodbye to 2016 then you will already know what my thoughts were about my achievements last year and how I ended the year feeling all positive and 'ready' for this brand new one! I talked about not having intentionally chosen a 'word of the year' but, upon reflection, I realised that I had one: transformation. I really like the idea of having a word to use as a bit of a booster throughout the year and, after a bit of a think, I have decided on my one for 2017.

B o l d
(of a person, action or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.

I have chosen this word for the next twelve months because this year is going to be a huge year of change, bringing with it scary challenges and big steps. There are going to be many tough times but all pointing towards something bigger and better. This goes for mental and physical health, home, work (blog and business) and other personal things that life has to offer.

This year is the year to take bold steps, be brave and willing to leap.

I have some huge plans, which are going to be separate blog posts/YouTube videos in their own right, but I really hope you guys will join me for the ride and that I can join you for your new year of adventures too. I adore this on-line community and have made so many friends through blogging, Instagram and other social media platforms and really love the encouragement that comes from it.

So, that all said, let's take on 2017 together. Let's encourage each other and cheer each other on. Let's share skills and knowledge to help each other along our journeys and be a kind ear when needed.

Happy New Year everyone!

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