9 December 2016


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Just when you thought you had been utterly abandoned, I'm back! 

I have had a fair amount of 'stuff' going on but, mostly, I haven't been around these parts as I have been a bit poorly again. Just a cold/weird chesty thing, but I am on the mend and I am back with a post on this very random day (I don't post on Fridays these days but I decided to throw caution to the wind on this one occasion!).

As you will be able to tell from the title I am here to talk all things 'Vlogmas'. I have never done Vlogmas before, mostly because my life is not interesting enough to vlog content that is actually upload-able every-single-day! It would literally be my cat eating, then sleeping, then me yawning, for 25 days in a row. But, what I thought I would attempt is a slightly less pressured version of Vlogmas, i.e. I film everyday and then when I have enough footage I upload something! Hurrah, I am a genius!

Whilst we are talking festive things I thought I would mention a few YouTubers, who are doing vlogmas, that I am really enjoying and who are doing it a million times better than me! In my number one 'top spot' i.e. I check my subscription feed like a mad woman to see if she has posted her video yet, is illustrator Holly Exley. I go through stages with what videos feature high in my priorities and there are just some people I will not miss and Holly is one. She is just so lovely and so normal, not to mention how gorgeous her two doggies are. I like watching Holly for lots of reasons but specifically because I enjoy getting a real insight into being an illustrator and running an Etsy shop. Maddy Vian's channel is a relatively new one for me, but I am really enjoying her videos at the moment. Maddy is another illustrator and, coincidentally, a fan of Holly Exley! In terms of beauty vloggers I am watching Alix from 'I Covett Thee' and Suzie from 'Hello October'. These girls make me laugh and I just enjoy watching what they get up to. Alix's house is gorgeously decorated and I kind of like that nosy aspect of being able to watch someones everyday existence!

Anyway, without further a do, here is my very first Vlogmas... part two will be coming up over the weekend! If you enjoy my videos please head on over to my YouTube Channel to subscribe and hit the 'like' button (this really helps the channel to grow!).


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