22 December 2016


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The end of 2016 is approaching so fast and, this time of year usually signals completely surrender to food and sleep and relaxation but, right now, I am super busy and my mind is all of a blur with things that will be happening in the New Year to come. For now though, lets round up December and all its goodness!

Making :: lots and lots of watercolour Christmas cards for people at work. This year I desperately wanted to work on my painting and, what better way to do it then paint forty individual cards huh?!
Cooking :: Christmas treats for work buddies.
Drinking :: one, very yummy, peach Bellini, at our lovely anniversary dinner. Needless to say, it went straight to my no-drinkers head (but was thoroughly enjoyed anyway!).
Reading :: hardly anything worth mentioning. I have some books to finish and some wonderful books to start in the New Year but I have been so busy painting that I haven't had any time to read.
Wanting :: almost everything on the Gym Shark website! I adore this long-line crop top and this vest top but am lusting after a whole load of their hoodies and joggers too.
Looking :: red nosed for the most part of this month, thanks to my lingering cold.
Playing :: Heart-Extra Christmas on the radio! I am still not tired of the festive songs :-)
Deciding :: to have a go at Vlogmas, before swiftly realising I have the most boring month ever ahead (but I'm doing it anyway!).
Wishing :: the world was a little more peaceful, such craziness is happening right now and it is just so sad.
Enjoying :: last minute road trips and big life-changing plans.

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Watching :: many festive films, lots of Vlogmas videos and Breaking Bad (again!).
Waiting :: (patiently) for Christmas dinner... aren't we all?!
Liking :: having the pretty fairy lights on early in the morning, before the day starts up.
Wondering :: what 2017 will bring.
Loving :: my work pals new puppy, Huxley. He is super cute.
Hoping :: to open an Etsy shop really soon.
Marvelling :: over the pretty winter mornings.
Needing :: more art supplies. 
Smelling :: mulled wine at the Salisbury Christmas Market, I haven't has any so far this festive season.
Wearing :: my lovely, new, H & M chelsea boots that Joe got me for Christmas. They are so comfortable and perfect to wear with skinny jeans, plus they have a fleece lining, which makes them super-warm.
Following :: my intuition so much more (and actually feeling better for it). It is so freeing to really listen to yourself when you are struggling to make decisions or trying to understand why you feel a certain way. I have been consciously trying to delve a bit deeper into my head when faced with a tricky situation and then follow what I feel is right, rather than being led by someone elses thoughts and it feels great!
Noticing :: way more lines around my eyes then I am comfortable with.
Knowing :: that I am feeling more brave then I was a year ago.
Thinking :: about what to do this New Years Eve and wondering whether lounging about in a onesie is acceptable!

Have a wonderful Christmas guys, whatever you are doing!

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