27 December 2016


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Well 2016, you've been a tricky little sod haven't you? 

I can't write a post like this without acknowledging all the 'greats' that we have lost this year. It seems like a year where many of the worlds most talented individuals have been called on from our little planet to a more peaceful existence. Unfortunately I have known more than one friend this year who has also lost someone very close to them, and my heart and love goes out to them too (as always).

Not only has 2016 brought with it a lot of sadness (and political madness), but it has also brought along some positive changes to my life and, for that, I am eternally grateful. It doesn't pay to only think of the sad times, so I want to round off the year with some thoughts about what this year has been about for me, and set my mind towards, what I hope will be, an amazing 2017.

One of the things I see many people doing, at the start of a new year, is giving themselves a word or a phrase, as a point of focus and motivation for the days that follow. I have never done this before (although I am considering it for the coming year) but, upon reflection, I would say that my word for 2016 has been transformation. This year has been the year of allowing myself to transform into the person I have always wanted to be or perhaps the person I have always been inside but been afraid to show. I have shifted spiritually, mentally and physically in the last twelve months and whilst a lot of things have been because of a direct intention, some changes have come about naturally or as a result of one of the other components changing. 

The biggest transformation for me has to be the physical one. The decision I made, in April, to sign up to work with Olly Foster (his 12 week ART programme) was one of the best choices I made this year. Not only have I seen many physical changes and learnt so much about nutrition and weight loss, but my mental health has improved more than I can say. I cannot thank Olly, his team and the community of other people doing his training enough for the constant support and encouragement. Because of this programme I have more knowledge to go forward into 2017 and set realistic goals for myself. I have gained a totally new mindset toward food and training now which will stay with me forever.

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Without this physical transformation I know that other areas of my life would not have seen such positive results this year. I have had to learn to become more resilient, which is something I am still working on. Along with my new found inspiration to eat healthy and train more frequently, came much more negativity from people around me than I could have anticipated. I found myself having to become more self-focused and let comments slide off me, or else I was never going to achieve my goals. I have also become a lot more able to tune in to my intuition this year and really pay attention to what feels like the right path to follow or the right decision to make for me. I have read a whole load of books, listened to many, many podcasts and watched countless videos on-line about tuning in and aligning to your 'truth' and, you know what, it feels bloody amazing to be learning more about that stuff. It feels like I am discovering who I really am and I don't care what people think about that part of me anymore. I am 'woo-woo' and proud damn it!

Alongside the shift in following my intuition came the need to become a little more brave in my actions and reactions. This is a work in progress but I am slowly getting better at worrying less. So much has happened to people around me this year that you simply have to learn to be a bit more relaxed about the way things could turn out because, ultimately, worrying will not change anything. Joe and I are smack bang in the middle of finally making some huge life decisions and that is because we have seen some crappy things this year and so it feels right to move forward now. Standing still won't make changes happen and that is probably the most recurring message to come out of the year we are just about to leave behind.

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Because I made a choice to commit to a few other things this year I have had to accept that my business goal, of launching Leaf Lane Studio in the autumn of this year, had to be pushed back but, do you know something, I am so pleased, because I feel so much more capable now. I am going to take on 2017 with determination and passion, but I will tell you my goals for the new year ahead in a separate post very soon.

If you are still with me and made it to the end of this extremely long post then I truly salute you! If you have the energy to comment and tell me what this year has been about for you then I would love to know!

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