30 November 2016


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When I was re-launching my new look blog, earlier in the year, I put out a little note on my Instagram account for bloggers who fancied 'sharing the love' a little and guest posting on From Lucy, with Love. The first person to get in touch was the lovely Lucy, from the blog Tired from Whitstable. Lucy's blog is open, honest and about real life, life as a hard working mum in her thirties and how she manages all the every day things that we all face (along with the special moments too of course!). 

When Lucy sent me what she wanted to post I couldn't have been happier, because it is just the sort of thing I love to read as Christmas approaches and I know you guys will enjoy it too. Pop over to Lucy's blog for a little read of her posts and give her a follow on Instagram also because she is a super lady! Over to Lucy...

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So, this is my first guest blog post, and for one of my favourite fellow bloggers From Lucy, with Love.

One of the things I love most about Lucy’s blog is her way of seeing the positives an the wonder in our world in such little things. When I was thinking about my ideas for this blog I wanted to embrace this and look at all the positives in the coming season....... Winter.

Christmas is my very favourite time of year, this part of the year seems to glow with fairy lights, hope and goodwill. It makes us think of the people we love and how grateful we are for the last year we have had and looking forward to the next one. I love that, now I have children, I can relive my own childhood through them and watch the wonder in their eyes as they find all the parcels under the tree on Christmas morning, visiting grottos and singing along with Christmas music in the car (I come from a family of car singers and the boys much to my husbands dismay are following my roots!)

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The home becomes a much bigger part of life again in the Winter. Summer for us is about being on the beach, spending time in the garden, going on long walks and enjoying the outside world around us. We do, of course, do all these things in the winter, but the bit I love most is coming home. Taking off welly boots and warm coats, little red noses, cups of warm hot chocolate and snuggling under blankets on the sofa. Cooking comfort food such as stew and dumplings and enjoying crumbles with custard. Burning lovely smelling candles and cuddling up to my boys. I love making my home warm and inviting for the winter and appreciate how lovely and warm my home is.

Winter is often seen by some to be a potentially depressing time. The thought of Christmas not surrounded by people you love or looking back at a year where you have made mistakes or are not sure where to go next or even the dark and cold weather can affect people negatively. In general we need more love and understanding in the winter, to check on people who might need some help, to visit friends or family who don’t get out much, to give some food to the local food bank that can add to someone’s Christmas or to help others to start and continue a new exercise regime or period of mindfulness in their life. If we all tried to do at least one of those things how many peoples lives could we touch? Wouldn’t that make winter a brighter season for all?

What do you love about Winter? What memories from childhood do you have about Christmas, the colder months, the sights, smells and tastes of the season? Does the thought of snow leave you all warm inside or do you have happy memories of jumping in muddy puddles and getting into a hot bath when you got home?

As John Boswell wrote ‘Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey and enjoy every idle hour.’

Find me on my blog, Tired from Whitstable and on Instagram!

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Thank you SO much Lucy for writing this nostalgic post for my little blog. I love getting to know fellow bloggers via social media and love it even more when we can collaborate and share our blogs with our readers! 

If any of you guys reading this wish to hop on the guest post wagon (either me writing for you or you for me) then drop me an email to fromlucywithlove@outlook.com.

I would love to hear from you!

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