20 November 2016


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^^Beautiful Salisbury Cathedral, basking in the morning light last Sunday^^

Forgive my week of silence. It has been rather a difficult one for various reasons, which I won't go into. But, I am here now, and that is what matters! I hope you have all had a great week. I have been super busy and trying to fit in all my training, despite being half human/half zombie. I am finding it hard to get home and it be dark already then have to throw myself back out the front door and head to the gym. It is so much easier when it is light! Tell me I'm not alone?!

That said, I have had many reasons to be grateful this week, despite my sleepiness:

:: Coconut peanut butter (Meridian). There are no words. It is heaven.

:: Driving home from the gym on Friday morning at 7.30am, there were yellow and orange leaves everywhere and, with the sun coming up at the same moment, everything was golden and beautifully lit. I wish I'd have had the time to pull over and take a photo of that moment because it was nature in all its glory.

:: A Bills breakfast. Despite the fact that I am still counting my macros and trying to shed a little more body fat before Christmas, Joe and I treated ourselves to a Bills breakfast on Sunday. It felt good to eat pancakes and dip croissants in chocolate sauce (oh yeah!).

 photo fromlucywithloveweeklygratitude20Nov2016b_zps79nadzp5.png^^Fresh mint tea at Bills^^ 

:: An early Christmas present. For so many months now, in-fact for the second winter in a row, I have been searching for a pair of chelsea boots. I wanted something fairly specific, in that I didn't want a pair that were smart, heeled boots, but something casual and sturdy and with a bit of grip! After seeing a pair on my hairdresser, Abi, that she got from Primark, and trying them on, I was even more determined. Abi mentioned a fleece lined pair that H & M had, so last weekend Joe and I went in search for them (well, actually, he was kind of bored probably!). These are the boots... they were under £30, well, just, and are super warm! Joe kindly treated me to them for Christmas... thanks Hubby!

:: 'Options' white hot chocolate (with a drop of milk). A girl has to have a treat when she's counting macros!

:: A stroll around Salisbury Cathedral square on Remembrance Sunday. We stood in the square to observe the two minutes silence and listened as 'The Last Post' played out in town and in the cathedral. As everything fell quiet, we stood and reflected on what others have done for us and admired the beauty of the day. We both always find this particular spot in town so relaxing and it is the perfect place to go to contemplate life and pay respects to those that are no longer with us.

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^^This years poppy was a knitted, glittery one^^

:: This may seem a bit of a strange thing to write, but I am most grateful this week for the fact that my hair is pretty much not falling out any more. If you saw my first Cornwall vlog recently, you will have seen me talking about the fact that my hair had been falling out in a big way for weeks and weeks. It is totally normal for the hair to shed and go through a few weeks of this, but mine had been coming out seriously and for a long time. I am not going to lie, it was making me freak out. Joe mentioned that he had read somewhere that dry-shampoo can make this happen, so I figured I had nothing to lose and stopped using it completely. I am now about three weeks on and my hair is full of life again. My hairdresser (who is getting quite the mention in this post!) told me that dry shampoo clogs up the hair follicles, so maybe there is something in it. I have also noticed that my roots seem cleaner again, so maybe that was what was going on?! If you are having a similar problem, and have had blood tests, like I did, and know everything is well, then cut the dry-shampoo and see what happens. Rant over.

 photo fromlucywithloveweeklygratitude20Nov2016d_zpseb5d952t.png ^^My other love^^

:: My little bear. Gizmo has been following me about like a little shadow for weeks now. She is super cute and I love getting up at 5am and having her follow me to the kitchen and have cuddles before I start my day. I love that little fluff ball to death.

:: Finding the time to paint. On Monday and Tuesday, whilst I stayed at mums place, I actually painted for the first time in ages and it was wonderful. My brain takes a big old breath and relaxes when I get in the zone and it really is super therapy. I will pop some photo's up on my Instagram soon.

What has been your highlight this week? Are you starting to ready yourself for the festive period? I genuinely cannot get my head around the fact that Christmas is five weeks away! Arrrggghhh!!! Panic!

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^^Aren't winter sunsets the prettiest?^^

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