6 November 2016


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Welcome to another weekly gratitude list! This week was 'back to work after an amazing week in Cornwall' week, and I was not happy about that! (Who is happy about going back to work after a holiday?!). I always take so long to settle back into a routine after a holiday and everything feels out of sync but I am trying to be a big brave soldier and suck it up!

This week also brought with it another new month (how?) and also... Christmas adverts galore! No, DFS, I do not want a sofa delivered before Christmas but I am looking forward to seeing what the John Lewis advert has in store for us this year, it always makes me cry and I am sure this year will be no different.

On a little side note, I am linking both my Cornwall vlogs at the end of this list, so if you want to have a little mooch then you can watch them right here or head over to my YouTube channel (where I would love you forever if you subscribed!).

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Let's get started on the lovely stuff that has made it onto this weeks 'Gratitude List'...

:: First frosts. On Thursday, when I left home at 6.20am (eek!) it was foggy and frosty and very, very wintry and cold. As much as I am not a big fan of freezing my... nose off at that time in the morning, there is something about it which holds a bit of magic and nostalgia isn't there?

:: Berries on the trees. This sparks similar feelings to the frost and fog, but I love seeing the berries on the trees, especially as they are such a wonderful contrast to the frost and other gorgeous colours that are around this time of year.

:: Noticing an increase in confidence. Let me be less vague... this week I went off to a wedding industry event in London (a place that terrifies me to my very core!). I went last year too and was so scared of getting on a train and walking about the place in general that I was in a state of anxiety almost all day. This year I got on the train, feeling fine and not at all anxious. Helena (my usual partner in crime) and I jumped on the tube... well, actually, we queued and got shoved onto a very packed tube, and stood 'tooth to tooth' with other commuters (the thought of which would have brought on a huge panic attack last year). Now, I won't lie, that specific adventure wasn't top of my list of experiences to repeat, but I tell you about it because I bloody did it. If you have suffered from anxiety or panic in your life you will know what an achievement that is! I am grateful for all the work I have been doing over the last 12 months that has helped me reach this point (at last!).

:: Planning the future. Joe and I are on a mission to do something we have wanted to do in forever. Watch this space, but plans are happening and it is becoming real. You guys will be the first to know, well, maybe not the first, but you will be way up there (and before you ask... no... it's not a baby!).

:: Gizmo cuddles. Since we got back from Cornwall and picked up our little bear she has been very cuddly and very clingy. On Tuesday morning, as I sat putting my make up on, she was snuggled up behind me with both paws clinging on to my pjamas! So cute.

:: Tea. I am always grateful for tea but, recently, a cup of tea has been such a comfort in the evening.

:: Painting inspiration. The other day I had such a flood of inspiration for ranges for Leaf Lane Studio, that I couldn't scribble them down quick enough. I love those moments!

What has been top of your gratitude list this week? Let me know in the comments!

Now... the Cornwall vlogs! Enjoy!

Part One:
Part Two:

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