2 November 2016


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Visiting The Eden Project has become a tradition for Joe and I every time we visit Cornwall. It's not that you are deprived of nature in Cornwall or anything, but this place is so thoughtful and so magical, it is a must-see, for us anyway. I have been several times of year, throughout various seasons, but this time was hands down the most beautiful.

This visit was particularly wonderful for me as they had a special little section within the Mediterranean biome which showcased a local owl rescue sanctuary called 'Screech Owl Sanctuary'. They had three gorgeous owls there to help spread awareness about what they do, and I got to stroke the teeny, tiny one named Cleo (picture below). She was fully grown but oh-so-tiny and so very soft! At six months old it was her first outing from the sanctuary and she looked a little overwhelmed, bless her, but she did so well. It made me super emotional but it was a wonderful experience.

I highly recommend you go if and when you are in Cornwall and, when you buy your tickets, be sure to donate the ticket money to The Eden Project as this ensures that your ticket is valid for a whole 12 months too... win-win situation all round. I will also be posting some vlogs from our week away over the next few days, which include our time at Eden, so hang fire for those too. 

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