30 October 2016


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This week I am bringing you the mother of all gratitude lists! You see, being in Cornwall brings me so many reasons to be grateful and so much to share with you all. The food (oh, the food!), the nature, the visits to such amazingly beautiful places and all the other things in-between. Let's do this...

:: Fresh sour dough bread with butter. I haven't had bread since May. I felt so bloated afterwards but it is a treat that I didn't regret!

:: A little chat with a very sweet older gentleman about woodcarving techniques. He had some funny stories to tell and I loved talking to him.

:: Exploring a new coastal path that led to the beautiful Gwenver beach, pictured above. It was stunning and I have wanted to find this beach for a while but have never realised how to get there.

:: Trying two flavours of cake at The Eden Project (we had half chocolate and half Victoria sandwich each). Oh my goodness guys... heaven on a plate.

:: Stroking a little owl called Cleo at Eden; more to come in Wednesdays post.

:: Witnessing a little seal following a guy who was paddle-boarding in Carbis Bay. We spoke to him after he came out the sea and he said he hadn't realised it was there. The seal was staring in at us chatting and looked disappointed that his play-mate was no longer in the water!

:: Yummy fish and chips from Beck's in Carbis Bay :-)

:: Painting watercolour scribbles on the balcony after a long day of walking, with a hot cup of sweet tea.

:: Finding one of my favourite artists new gallery spaces. I have adored Kurt Jackson for a long time and his gallery in St Just is stunning. We had it completely to ourselves right until the last minute, which was pretty special for me.

:: Having a thick old layer of peanut butter for the first time in months.

:: Afternoons spent curled up in bed for an hour of reading and napping and watching the dogs playing on the beach from the bed (how luxurious it was to watch the sea from bed!).

:: Sheltering from the rain in St Ives in a tiny crystal shop. I left with a few bits and bobs and am glad the rain took us in there.

:: This week, the lovely Peta, from the fab blog '24 Hours in Today', mentioned me in her post 'Positive Friday' and, honestly guys, it made my day (yep, I got all emotional as usual!). Peta is so sweet and friendly (not to mention so gorgeous) and I love following her on Instagram and YouTube (as well as her blog of course!). You guys should definitely check her out :-)

:: Finding some very fluffy, very big cows wandering the coast road between St Ives and St Just. They were casually munching on grass and looked very chilled out with life.

There you have it, my highlights from this week... now you know why I have to live there! You cannot go a day without finding a list of things to be grateful for.

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  1. Awwww Lucy! You made me all teary! I was just catching up on your blog, reading through and saw my name and actually checked the link to see if I'd somehow flipped over to something of mine. You're wonderful! :) I love this list of gratitude, it made me feel so happy inside well before my mention. Especially the seal and the two types of cake at the Eden Project!

    I hope you've had a wonderful Sunday,
    Peta xx

    1. Oh honey, you are so sweet! It is wonderful getting to know people over the internet and finding souls you connect with. I honestly love what you do on-line and think you are super-duper :-) xxx

  2. I can't wait to live in Cornwall again, it's by far the best place in the world! ;) Glad you've had a fantastic week, and it sounds as though you'd made the most of it! Alice xx


    1. Thanks Alice! Do you think you will live there again someday? It is so wonderful isn't it? I have been visiting, several times a year, for many years now and it feels like my home more than my actual home! Strange, but it is like I am meant to be there. Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer now! I hope you have a great week lovely! PS: those brownies on your blog.... they look SO good!!xx


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