16 October 2016


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^^Image: one of my little watercolour garlands^^

Whenever I sit down to write these posts I feel so calm and content because remembering all the things you have enjoyed or been grateful for in one week is such a lovely exercise. One thing I certainly haven't been grateful for this week is how cold I have been! On Thursday I think I moved around the building at work most of the day, trying to find a desk where I could feel my fingers again! I used to be the person that was always over-heating, but not anymore!

Only one more working week until half term comes along and Joe and I pack ourselves up and head to Cornwall for one whole week of relaxation, a bit of indulgent food and lie-ins by the sea. I have never been more ready to escape the everyday grind as I am right at this moment.

Lets jump in to the things I have been most grateful for this week:

:: Cozy evenings of colouring in. I mentioned, several blog posts ago now, that I had gotten into mindfulness colouring books. I thought it would be one of those fads that I tried and never did again, but I honestly love it. I encouraged Joe to have a little colour one night this week, or maybe it was last weekend, but he also loves it and we plan to take our colouring books (!) on holiday. With life being so very manic and somewhat stressful at the moment, doing this completely clears my mind. I am going to get a couple of the Lorna Scobie books off of Amazon this weekend too, as I like the variety of the pictures. If you don't follow her on-line anywhere you should definitely check out her Instagram if you like very cute animal pictures/watercolours.

:: Sweet and salty skinny popcorn. On my higher carbohydrate days I can have treats like this and discovered this only this week and love it. I know it is not nutritious or voluminous, but it is seriously yummy and feels like a proper treat these days!

:: Dark chocolate dipped in tea. As I sit typing this I am dipping my daily allowance of dark chocolate in my tea and it is so good I had to report it!

:: Seeing conkers lying on the ground; a true sign of autumn being here.

:: A surprise bunch of flowers. My lovely mum decided to buy me a bunch of flowers this week and drop them off into work for me. A colleague delivered them to me and they made me super happy. This was followed up by me arriving home to a card from her too, filled with words that really lifted me up. Thanks monkey!

:: A beautiful angel reading. If you have read my 'About Me' section, you will know already that I believe in guides and angels. Yesterday I had another reading (it's been a while) and it was the best one I have ever had. So specific that it left me all light and inspired at the end.

:: A wander around the garden centre. Today we finally went to the one of our favourite places to kill half an hour... the garden centre. They had all their Christmas bits and bobs in and it was lovely to spend some time looking around, planting the little seeds of festivity again!

I hope your weekend has been a fantastic one... if you are looking forward to the school holidays, like me, then hang on in there, just five working days to go peeps! 

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