2 October 2016


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October is here! Autumn is creeping in (and so, unfortunately, are the spiders... with one particularly big one making itself a little too comfy on our bed on Friday evening...gross!).

There is just something about October that makes me smile. I seriously love this month so much, in-fact, I am celebrating it by doing a daily photo challenge on Instagram if you fancy joining in! Click here for the post with the themes!

What has been the highlight of your week? I have had such a busy one that I haven't done too much outside of my usual routine, but there is always something to talk about and feel grateful for, so let's do this...here is what I have been grateful for this week:

:: Last Sunday, whilst mooching about in Holland and Barrett for cacao powder, as you do, I let out a small squeal of delight as I discovered a particular brand of protein bars I have wanted to try for ages, Quest bars. I have heard that they are delicious and low in carbs too, so when I saw them I grabbed two. I bought the cookies and cream and cookie dough flavours and they were both super yummy, especially considering their low sugar level. I think the cookie dough one would top it, if I had to choose but, yay to Quest bars! I think Grenade ones are still my favourite as they are a little sweeter, but they also contain higher amounts of carbs, so that is probably why. It's the small things sometimes people!

:: A new book purchase from Amazon arriving in time for a Saturday night read! I am really into books about intuition, allowing ourselves to just 'be' within the world/universe and spirituality at the moment. Having read 'Black is the New Light' recently, by Rebecca Campbell, and adored it (I mean seriously adored  it!), I went hunting for books along a similar subject. I saw the new one by Gabrielle Bernstein, titled 'The Universe Has Your Back' and jumped on it immediately. I shall let you know what it's like soon!

:: One of my favourite songs ever is a Bryan Adams song called 'Please Forgive Me', which is a soppy one (just to warn you) but I love it. This week, whilst listening to Spotify, I stumbled across a version of this song which stopped me in my tracks! It is so very beautiful. It is a version recorded live with a full orchestra and the strings just make the song so much more wonderful.

:: Sunday morning onesie snuggles. Yep, you heard it right, the onesie is out and I am proud! We are kind of refusing to put the heating on just yet, but we sat quite happily in our fluffy suits (that sounds a bit dodgy huh?!) whilst we had tea this morning!

:: Funny desk presents. This week there have been great discussions at work about the need for a school dog (how amazing that would be!). I was doing some kind of 'crazy-cat-lady' waffling on about wanting to get a cat I could name 'Muggle' and when I arrived on Thursday morning there was little Muggle, sat on my desk, with his little comb and collar on. It really doesn't matter that it was a childs toy, it cheered me up no end! Thanks CB, you eternal nut job!

:: Tights. I have just dug out the good old tights! One of the many reasons I love this season: snuggly tights, scarves and knits! Bring it on weather, I'm ready!

I hope you have all had a fab weekend guys and girls, let me know what your highlight has been in the comments! Don't forget I post on Wednesdays too - did you see last Wednesdays post?

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