23 October 2016


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This week I am switching up my usual Sunday post to talk to you from, and about, my favourite place in the UK, Cornwall. If you have hung around here long enough, you will already know that this County is my dream home and I will call it home someday for sure. Everything about the place makes my soul feel rested and at ease, whilst encouraging a sense of belonging to appear in my mind... and that feels pretty amazing.

When we arrived yesterday, and starting unloading the car of our many bags, I was totally overwhelmed with emotions, because I always get this feeling wash over me of 'I'm home'. The smells, the sounds, everything about the place pulls me in. There are so many reasons for loving it here and I thought I would use this post to list out a few of them...

:: Coastal walks. There are so many to choose from, so many little hidden coves and tiny paths that wind along the coast, hugging you tight to the land but allowing for a stunning glimpse out to sea, out into the nothingness. Feeling nature over power you or watching the weather come in from the sea is an experience I could certainly deal with daily. 

:: Seals, birds and sea-life. Need I say more? Walk up to Godrevy and you will see all the seals shuffling about and hear them gently barking to each other. The sound travels up to the cliff edge, where you can stand and watch as they bravely drag themselves out into the waves to play or feed. Many a walk has been interrupted by bird running across the path (scaring us half to death), a caterpillar rescue mission (I was concerned he would be squashed!), and even a snake or two, sitting dozily in the undergrowth. Nature is where I feel my best and I cannot get enough.

:: Night times out at sea... seeing the little fishing boats bobbing up and down with a little light blowing about in the wind, or watching a huge ship passing on the horizon with just a faint twinkle of light out there seems magical to me. It's easy to forget what is still happening whilst we sleep warmly in our beds.

:: Windswept hair. Finally a place for my hair to fit in! I adore the sea-salt / wavy / slightly messy hair look and I can only really achieve it here. No amount of sea-salt spray from Boots can achieve the natural 'I have just been on the beach for a walk' look.

:: Wildflowers. I am the biggest fan of little flowers that grow in such extreme conditions and look so pretty doing it. There is never a dull moment by the sea and the colours are magnificent. You just don't get the same thing on an estate do you?!

:: Drifting off to sleep to the sound of the sea. This is probably just a holiday luxury as, I assume we won't be able to move into an apartment on the sea front when we relocate! Come on lottery!

:: Finally, and this is one of my main reasons for wanting to move here, I feel 'at my best' here. Spiritually, mentally and physically I feel like 'me' here, I feel at ease and whole. I am overcome with inspiration to create and to write and to connect with the deepest roots of myself. That may sound woo-woo to you, but that is how it is for me. I am just not a city dweller you see!

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Do you guys have somewhere you know to be your spiritual home? Maybe you are already living there. Where would be your ideal place to live and why? Let me know in the comments!

PS: I am vlogging a little this week so hang on in there for that next week! In the mean time you can see some more pictures on Instagram!

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  1. Was bought up in Cornwall, spent 6 years in Bristol just longing to be back in kernow! Wouldn't be anywhere else now.

    1. Oh you lucky devil! It is somewhere I hope to be living in the next twelve months for sure. Where are you based? (Thank you for stopping by my blog xx)


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