12 October 2016


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It dawned on me at work the other day just how many absolutely ridiculous thoughts I have flying around in my skull during the day. I started to list them out and suddenly found myself giggling at how bloody daft I would seem if these things could be seen by other people, like speech-bubbles coming out my head. I thought I would celebrate my hideousness by popping a list of things on here for you all to read. The deal is that you have to tell me which ones you think about too and then tell me at least one other one! Deal? Okay...

1:: I wonder if Gizmo (our cat) is okay.
2:: When will someone invent calorie free cake?
3:: Is my nose shiny?
4:: I'm so cold.
5:: I hope Gizmo's not too cold.
6:: I must text Joe/mum/random-person-I-haven't-text-in-ages.
7:: Is it hot in here or is it me?
8:: Man, I'm ravenous.
9:: I should do the lottery.
10:: Maybe Gizmo's collar is stuck under her leg again and Joe doesn't know.
11:: Is it time to eat yet?
12:: Wow, I am so sore from training!
13:: I wish I was painting in my little office right now...
14:: What if next doors cat is sleeping in Gizmo's box and she's getting cold/wet somewhere?
15:: I need a nap.
16:: Why is my hair falling out?
17:: Am I looking older?
18:: I need a hug.
19:: I fancy a burger.
20:: I can't wait to get to the gym.
21:: How many macros are in a biscuit?
22:: I can't eat biscuits.
23:: Where are my almonds?
24:: I can't believe The Bake Off is going to Channel 4, what are they thinking?
25:: What a great job it must be to present The Bake Off...
26:: I really need to buy more plants for the house.
27:: I wish I could pin things on Pinterest for a job.
28:: What Snapchat filters are there today?
29:: Why can't I look like that Snapchat filter all the time!
30:: I need a bloody good sports massage...weekly. Why can't I afford that?
31:: I haven't drunk anywhere near enough water today.
32:: I hope Gizmo's water bowl is clean...
33:: Did I take my supplements this morning?
34:: Crap, I haven't watered the plants!
35:: How long is it until Christmas?
36:: ...Christmas biscuits....Christmas chocolate...  
37:: Is it too early to watch a Christmas film?
38:: I feel so bloated.
39:: Why can't we wear onesies to work?
40:: I wish I had some rice-cakes with me, I love rice-cakes.
41:: If I was at home I would put the kettle on and do some colouring in.
42:: What goes on in a cats head?
43:: I really want some Chelsea boots.
44:: Do I have my phone charger... yes I do, thank God (I rarely use it anyway!).
45:: I wonder if there really are parallel universe? 
46:: Shall I just have a quick look on the Mac website to see what lipstick I want next?
47:: I cannot spend any money this month.
48:: Why does vitamin B smell so bloody awful?
49:: I am so hungry, my tummy hurts.
50:: Shall I book that sky-dive? What if the parachute doesn't open? It probably will open though...

There you have it... crazy thoughts from a woman who is clearly as mad as a box of frogs! Your turn...

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