25 September 2016


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Welcome to another edition of Sunday's regular post... Weekly Gratitude!

Honestly, I really enjoy noting down all the little things in the week that make it special or make me smile. There are endless little Gizmo moments I could list every week, but I assume that would be totally dull to you, so I won't mention them, but she is super cute and makes me smile every single minute! I may have included one Gizmo moment below... one's okay right?!

Let's jump in...

:: Sugar free jelly. When you count macros and you find something you can have a couple of times a week as a treat, it has to go into the weekly gratitude list! I feel about five when I'm eating it, but it is so gooood!

:: My new Van's. I have wanted some slip-on Van trainers for years as everyone says how comfy they are and how long they last. I finally made the purchase the other week but, as my usual size was too big, I had to wait for a new pair to arrive. I would recommend going down by half a size if you are looking at getting some too. 

:: Berry lips. As soon as it felt a little autumnal I cracked out the dark nails and berry lips! I miss them in the summer time! Check out my latest YouTube video to see my favourite berry colours in my MAC lipstick collection!

:: For one special night this week (because it was cold out) Gizmo spent the night curled up on our bed. I honestly adore having her there. I can only imagine that the feeling I get having her in all night is how my mum used to feel when I didn't go out clubbing on a Saturday and she could rest in her bed knowing I was all snuggled up and licking her toes... oh wait, that's the cat, I didn't do that! :-)

:: A fab podcast! I had a message from Gemma last weekend, recommending a new wedding industry podcast, called 'She Creates Business'. I always find that recommendations are the best as you can spend hours trawling through various things before stumbling on a good one! I have binge-listened to all of the episodes so far because, as you know (if you have been around here for a while), I am trying to launch Leaf Lane Studio asap, my wedding stationary and paper product company. Episode one of the podcast was all about stationary too, so right up my street! Thanks Gemma <3

:: Surprise sunflower delivery. On Thursday I received a beautiful (huge) bouquet of sunflowers... one of my favourite flowers. Sunflowers = happiness. Thank you CB, you didn't have to do that but they are very much appreciated x

:: Early morning sunrises. I leave for work at 6.30am and on Fridays I head out to the gym at 6-6.15am. I adore the autumn weather for sunsets and low, still mist and fog. It is a very short, but oh-so-beautiful time of day and it is made even more magical by how quiet it is. Just the sound of nature and a few passing cars. Heaven.

What have you been enjoying this week? Share in the comments if you fancy a chat, it means such a lot to me when you guys comment. Have a fab new week <3

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