11 September 2016


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I have changed the title of these regular posts but certainly not the content! I love sitting down at the end of the week and thinking about all the little things that have got me through the last seven days.

Back in 2015, when I was working with Gemma Sands (check her out because she is one awesome lady and her podcast is fab too), she had me writing a daily gratitude list which I found to be super helpful and very 'grounding', especially after a bit of a full-on work day. As I climbed/fell/launched myself into my bed each night I would sit for a few minutes and just mull over the day, jotting down anything that touched me that day. I had stopped doing this daily practice but have recently started making daily notes again in my diary and am looking forward to making it more of a daily routine, rather than just a weekly one here (although you guys see the highlights!). More on some new practices in a future blog post I think!

So, onto some of the things that have made me feel super grateful this week:

:: Having a good old catch up with lovely H. As busy as life is, and it is so crazy-busy, we try to make a girl-date every month or so. We are slight creatures of habit in that we always meet at the same place and eat the same thing (macro friendly salad...yay!) but it is the routine of getting together and putting the world to rights which I so look forward to. H is my life-twin. That may sound crazy to you, but we met through this blog and got chatting over email. It soon led to meeting up for dinner and we have been buddies ever since. Why a life twin you ask? Well, it transpires that our lives have run parallel to each other in most ways. We say the same things, post the same things on-line, text at the same time and have the same sense of humour. We manage to kill a fair few hours laughing like crazed hyenas whenever we get together. Good times!

:: Wood smoke in the air. I am probably a little early to mention the 'A' word (Autumn that is), but the smell of peoples bonfires makes me more nostalgic then anything and makes me crave the cooler air and the bright sun that comes with the season. I noticed, whilst walking around at work this week, that there are already brown leaves sitting patiently on the ground, waiting for their pals to join them. This year has gone crazy-fast so far; Tesco's have their Christmas chocolates in for heavens sake!

:: I am slightly cheating now, as I discovered this last week, but I am mentioning it now as I didn't have a chance before! I have started subscribing to the Hay House Meditations podcast as I was really struggling to clear my head some evenings. I would highly recommend it if you don't mind a bit of added 'woo-woo' in your day (if you didn't know already, I am into a bit of woo-woo!). Not all episodes are aimed around all things airy-fairy, some are straight up visualisation and relaxation. What I love about them is that there are all different lengths of meditation to follow, some are 5-8 minutes and some are far longer and more in depth. They have been working a treat for me. They also have some more invigorating ones for morning meditation too!

:: Higher carb days! My coach has put me on higher carbs on training days and I am loving it. Bring on the frozen raspberries, rice cakes and sweet potato fries (*insert HUGE smiley face here).

:: Cat cuddles. As it is turning a little more grey outside Gizmo has ventured in again, having shunned us for months. It is lovely having snuggles with our little bear again, although I can't help but think that she is using us as warmth rather than actually wanting to cuddle us. #catlife

:: I can't go through a 'grateful' list without mentioning The Great British Bake Off! As much as it pains me, whilst counting macros, to watch a programme that involves cake, biscuits and bread (oh, bread!), I do really enjoy the innuendo and comedy from the hysterical hosts! The only thing I wish is that they would turn down the mic's whilst Paul and Mary are crunching away on a contestants food... too much detail BBC!

I'd love to hear what your highlight of the week has been; let's have a chat in the comments!


  1. This is all kinds of lovely! My highlights this week also include some good laughs with some awesome women which is always nice! And getting my bake on. I'm most definitely not on any kind of macro diet! Hope your next week is as fab as this one
    M X

    1. I wanna get my bake on too!! I actually want to shove my head in an entire HEAP of bake! (and eat my way out... but two stone down so I must be strong... damn it!). I hope you have an awesome week you wonderful lady xx

  2. The smell of fall is so exhilarating. Fire, crisp air. Seriously intoxicating, right? Whatever the high is today, to me, today is fall. (; I even packed up all my sandals over the weekend and I'm fully embracing the flats and booties now. Cat cuddles are always a reason to be thankful!

    1. You are SO right.. the smell of fire and crisp air is the best! I have packed away 99% of my summer clothes but today it has been so hot! I jinxed it all! :-)


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