14 September 2016


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I am absolutely no authority on what I want to talk about today, but I figured I would still hop on here and talk to you a bit about my thoughts behind following your intuition and keeping an 'eye-out' for signs to encourage, inspire and motivate you.

I have always been a fairly intuition-led person but it kind of got pushed to the back of my life due to the stresses and stains of general, everyday happenings, as well as just getting caught up in how we 'should' think and how we 'should' go about our lives. It is only recently that I have started to allow my intuition back into my life again (it is always there of course, but you have to consciously want to listen to it!), and I  have found that what I have discovered underneath it all feels really freeing and honest.

The example I am going to use, that really woke up my intuition, is a situation I found myself in this July. It isn't anything grand or, in the greater scheme of things, a very big deal really, but it is one of the first times I have truly listened to myself and all sorts of things came up for me afterwards.

If you are a long-term reader of this blog then you will already know how desperate I am (hubby included) to move to Cornwall, well I had an opportunity arise to head for an interview in July and thought 'sod it', I am going to go and just 'see'. My initial reaction was total fear. Fear of the 'what if's' and the 'how's' and 'when's', as everything suddenly seemed like it could be a reality. These fears were soon replaced by excitement as we drove to the county and settled into our hotel (we even looked at a house because, you know, always be prepared!).

The long and the short of it was this: we both beyond adore Cornwall and certainly want it to be home some day soon (please). But, here's the thing... I came out of the interview, in-fact I knew in the interview, that it wasn't right. In all honestly I could have given it more effort (having driven all that way) but the 'vibe' just wasn't me and, not only that, but I know that my path is now taking a different route. I know in my heart, in my deepest soul, that I need to be creating. My business is slow coming along, but it is coming along and that is what my intuition is telling me I should be focused on.

I listened to that inner voice for once, and it felt bloody amazing to do that.

The job would have been amazing. The place was amazing. But it felt 'off' for me.

As I climbed back into the car and we started the journey home (and I comfort ate rice cakes... rebel!) I explained to Joe that I had this realisation that I needed to push forward with my business and blog. I told him how it hit me like a very inspirational ton of bricks during the interview and I knew that it was the right thing to do.

Okay, so that is only one example, but on the back of it I have been using my intuition more and am trying the following things to help me continue that development:

:: evening meditation - to be honest, I think this would be more beneficial in the morning, but I really can't get any time to do it. At least with the evening meditation I can fall asleep in a more restful way. Every cloud huh?

:: stream of consciousness writing/journaling - I have been trying to do this post-meditation. Sometimes I get stuff out of my head that really is totally useless, other times it can be useful, but it just helps clear out my mind anyway. Not only that but it also gives me ideas on blog posts too. It's funny what having a dig about in your brain can do for you!

:: having a bit of quiet time. I know this could be classed as meditation, but I guess what I mean is quiet time in the middle of a stressful event or work situation. Tune into what is going on in your thoughts and try and think about what it is you are really wanting from it or what it is you need to do. For me it is all feeling based emotion but if it is likely to be a wrong thought or decision then it just feels off for me.

Anyway, enough ramblings from me! Let me know if you intuition has ever led to something amazing happening for you too guys. It is a topic that really intrigues me so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. 

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