28 September 2016


I have a confession to make. 

I want some dungarees. 

Am I having some kind of mid-life crisis? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, I may get some, or a dungaree dress at least, just for fun! Actually, I could probably get away with the dress with a cute pair of boots and a stripey, long-sleeved, t-shirt, better than I could the 'proper' dungarees!

I know I am a 35 year old woman, but I suddenly have the urge to rock this look and have been 'pinning' merrily away recently and window shopping on-line recently to find something that could be worth the investment. Today I thought I would share some of my favourites I have seen on-line and also some of the inspiration I found on Pinterest too! Let me know what you think (but keep your Rod, Jane and Freddy comments to yourselves please!).

*On a side note, I went shopping last weekend and overheard a teenager saying to her mum 'mum, you'd look super cute in these dungarees, like a decorator!'. It'll definitely be the dress then!*

^^I probably could never get away with rolled up dungarees and heels but I love the look! My go to autumn/winter style is warm bobble hats, stripes and red lips, so I am half way there surely? Picture taken from Pinterest^^

^^Cosy knits. pastel colours and un-done hair... heaven to me. I loved putting this mood board together. It says 'Sundays lounging around at home' to me without a doubt. Image from Pinterest^^
^^ I honestly think I would wear this. Thick tights, ankle boots and a chunky cardigan (and a bobble hat of course!). For an older age group I think this is more acceptable, what do you think? Image from Pinterest^^


  1. Girl, ROCK IT! You are no where near "too old." Fashion is supposed to be fun and about taking risks, so go for it. Be you and rock it with confidence! (:

  2. You are never too old for dungarees or pinafore dresses in my opinion - I'm the other side of 40 and wearing my pinafore today and wore my dungarees at the weekend!! Will probably wear them again when I'm in my 60's if they come back around again :) they are the most comfortable things to wear x


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