22 August 2016


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Happy new week everyone! I am going to keep this blog post short and sweet so I can leave you to your day/night, but I wanted to just hop on here with a little news for you guys...

My little blog, From Lucy, with Love, is changing. Not much, just a 'wee bit', ready for the autumn and the start of a new season (and what I feel like is a slightly new me to go alongside it!).

You know you get those times in life where you suddenly just look in your wardrobe and fancy something a bit different? Well, that is where I am with how this blog looks. I just need to make it look a bit more... well, grown up.

I am in my mid-thirties now and suddenly I feel like my life is altering around and I want this space to move with it, rather than sit stagnant. Not much will change other than the appearance (and even that won't be drastic) but I wanted to let you know, so that when you come to the home page and it looks a little all over the place for a few days, or slightly like I have lost the plot, at least you know what is going on!

I would also like to push myself more, content wise, and that is certainly something I am going to be working on for you all moving forwards.

I took a bit of a step back from the blog recently, partly because of time, but also just so that I could review what I was really thinking about it.

So, there you have it. Be prepared for things to look a tad messy for a week or so, then I will launch, full guns blazing, for September, back into blogging mode! Give me a little time to work on content production once the new look is live as I need to sort that plan out and, as you guys know, time is not something I have in abundance... yet!

Finally, thank you to everyone who reads my waffling... you guys who have been there for a long old time and you guys who haven't been here for long. You are all equally as valuable and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Keep up to date with what is happening, in the meantime, over on my Instagram!

5 August 2016


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^^This was taken in Falmouth on Wednesday, my goodness Cornwall, I do love you!^^

Apparently it has been a whole month since I posted here. Wow.

I have just been sitting in my office writing a list of posts I am desperate to write. It became evident that I really needed a break, but now I am back, feeling a bit more refreshed than I have been for a while. I hope you guys can forgive me. No one pre-warns you for the feeling that life thrusts upon you when things get a bit crazy (let alone the speed it blurs past you!).

Before I launch all my other blog posts on you I figured I would pop a trusty old 'grateful list' up for you, to kick things back into life again, so here we go...

1. This week I got to see Cornwall. Albeit for 24 hours, but I was there, surrounded by the open spaces, country/sea air and everything else that makes the county so magical. I am the most grateful for that!

2. A 'de-load' (aka: rest) week. I will go into more detail on the 12 weeks I have just completed with Olly Foster soon, but I have reached the week of slowing right off training and having a higher macro count too. It has taken some getting used to but it has been necessary for sure! I officially kick off phase two with him tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing the results that come with that too.

3. This week I got to meet up for evening noms with my lovely friend Helena. I honestly see her as my personal trainer when it comes to abdominals... we laugh so much it literally hurts, and I always leave her company feeling like a weight has been lifted from my soul.

4. Can I be grateful for a food item I got from Marks and Spencers? Why not! Whilst in Cornwall, a trip to Marks and Spencers for some yummy (healthy) food is a necessity, and this time they came up trumps! I found an 'open shredded-chicken soft taco' as part of their summer lunch range that was the most yummy thing I have eaten since... well, last Saturday's treat-day burger! Seriously, if you get a chance to try it you should. Plus, it fit my days macros too - score!

5. Wild flowers are everywhere in Wiltshire (and Cornwall!) right now and I cannot tell you enough how much I love seeing red poppies and daisies all over the place. We had a single poppy pop-up in our driveway the other week and a cute little yellow flower that I had never seen before too. Weed or no weed, they are gorgeous! I find living in the countryside so inspiring and uplifting for my mood as the landscape changes so much. It never gets boring.

What have you been most grateful for this week? Let's have a catch up in the comments, or send me a message on Instagram or Snapchat (username: lucycarterart).
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