17 June 2016


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^^Top left: Our little bear refusing to let me read how to calculate my macros for the next phase of my eating, thanks Gizmo! / Top right: See point one below for details! / Bottom left: This mornings post-training breakfast omelette / Bottom right: How gorgeous it is when there is greenery everywhere and a heavy sky... call me strange :-)^^

Guys, we are only a couple of weeks from July... what?! The school holidays are just around the corner and there is that excitement in the air that summer brings. 

In all honesty, this week has been a very solemn, sad one. There has been bad news all over the place and, whilst I had a good cry about something that happened on Tuesday to a lovely family, I had to be reminded of how fragile life is. As a colleague said to me this week '... hold those you love very tight to you...' and she is right, take nothing for granted. 

On a happier note, I am mid-way through my training programme (if you missed previous waffling, I am currently training with Olly Foster) and I am definitely seeing results, but more on that later. It has also been a week to catch up with friends and have many a laugh over dinner, thank you H.

Here are the other things I have been grateful for this week:

1. Healthy dessert find! This is not an amazing recipe, or anything I am some kind of genius in creating, it is just something I found to top up my macros post-training! Get yourself some Fage 0% fat yoghurt, some frozen raspberries and some honey, chuck it all in a bowl and give it a mix about and you have yourself a gorgeously yummy pudding. Seriously, if you have never had frozen raspberries straight in yoghurt (no defrost needed!) you have to have it. It feels like a total treat. 

2. Baby squirrel watching. Out the front of mum and dads house they have a whole variety of bird feeders that are regularly visited by a squirrel. Recently it has been bringing its little one along and teaching it to eat from the feeders (and eat the feeders themselves when they are out of food!). I have never seen a baby squirrel before and I have to say it is the cutest little bean. It hops about in the trees, whilst it waits for its mum to feed, and leaps about like a stunt man from the feeders to the trees (missing fairly frequently and free-falling to the ground!).

3. Stormy skies against the bright-green Wiltshire landscape. I know that everyone whinges about the rain (and the sun, and the wind bla bla bla), but I am a huge fan of the weather (bloody hell that sounds ridiculous!). You know what I mean... I hope. Those heavy, heavy clouds that are full of rain and look menacing and dramatic and remind you that you are a little dot in an amazing universe. This time of year, in juxtaposition to the skies, the fields around where we live are displaying fifty shades of green and look stunning. I adore the contrast of angry skies and bright colours you see!

4. My new shower gel. I know it probably seems crazy to talk about a shower gel, but you have to try this one as it smells so heavenly! When we were doing our ever-so-exciting food shop last week I branched out from my usual body wash and tried the Original Source Sweet Apple and Vanilla moisturising shower gel. Usually I spend zero time worrying about what I use in the shower as I am not awake enough to notice, but I am just here to report that this one is amazing :-)

5. Seeing some adjustments in my physique, following six whole weeks on my new programme. I honestly don't care about my body weight, as it is my clothes/psychological state that is my greatest concern when I start any programme but, for what it is worth, I have lost eleven whole pounds of weight, put on an unknown amount of muscle and dropped roughly five percent body fat. So far, so good. I am loving it but this last two weeks have been quite hard for me. I seem to have settled down again now, but I was craving all the food at all times of the day for a while there and I was beginning to think that my willpower could not hold up. But, here I am, starting week seven and ready to see what other results I am going to get!

In other news:
Joe and I have bought an ever-so-romantic DVD set to watch this weekend. The Hannibal Lecter trilogy is ours people... :-) / I am addicted to listening to Coldplay's most recent album / You may have seen it on my Instagram, but I am currently loving Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea (I promise it is not sickly). For me it makes a lovely change to peppermint green tea, which will always be my favourite, but when my sweet tooth has woken up from a nap I crack out the caramel one! /  I am lusting after a Chanel nail polish (I cannot spend £18 on a nail varnish so am determined to find a dupe!). The shade I am coveting is called 'Espedrilles' and it is a beautifully vibrant orangey-red.

What have you wonderful people been up to this week?

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