11 June 2016


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It's the weekend again! Wowzers is time flying by fast in 2016! Here is the UK it has been getting warmer, which is great but, in normal British style, everyone has been moaning about how humid it is! I would suggest the air-conditioned environment of the gym on those days ;-)

What have you guys been up to?

I think I can safely say that the theme of this week has been 'babies'. I'm not trying to tell you something, panic ye not, it is just that everyone around me seems to have their due-date this week and we have already welcomed a few work-babies and still have more to go! People have been busy haven't they?!

On to the things I am grateful for this week:

1. Heavenly early nights. Guys... this week I have been so tired. Those who know me well will testify that I am 'always tired', which is true, but this week even my tired has been tired! When I got home on Wednesday evening I was like a zombie. I fell asleep on the sofa and, finally sick of my constant dozing, Joe suggested we go to bed at 9pm. It was still light out but I just didn't care. We put the TV on and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone. All I remember is that it was warm and there was a lovely breeze coming in the window as I fell asleep... it was wonderful. I woke up for work at 5am the next day feeling so much better than I had the day before. Early nights are something to be super-grateful for that is for sure.

2. Dark chocolate and tea. On my training plan I am allowed a couple of squares of 85% dark chocolate to help stem the cravings (providing they fit in my macros of course!). I am also allowing myself one cup of tea (other than green tea) per day and am just loving this little post-training combination. It may sound daft but these little things are what help keep me on track!

3. Seeing the plants that I thought had given up on life growing little buds and opening into beautiful flowers! It is so rewarding when you have been nurturing something and they manage to push on through :-)

4. Bright red lipstick. Top tip: when you are looking and feeling worn out, chuck on some red lippy and it will make you look more awake! My choices this week have been Mac's 'Relentlessly Red' and Revlon's 'Candy Apple'.

5. I am mostly grateful to the kind woman who stopped me having a potentially very embarrassing situation at the gym the other morning. I turn up in a dozy state, somewhere before 7am, and head towards the ladies changing rooms. Just as I was about to walk in a little voice said 'we are in there today' (pointing to the male changing room... and the smallest sign I have ever seen!). I thanked her for saving me the excruciating pain of walking in on men changing into lycra and head into the manly changing area! By the time I had come back down from my workout there were giant signs in place. Obviously I wasn't the only one not to pay any attention to the mini-signage huh?

In other news:
I have been playing 'put the yummy protein bars into the basket (on Amazon) and then take them out again' because I know that I won't be able to resist them once I have them. They are not bad for you if you only eat them sporadically, but I am pretty sure, feeling as tired as I do right now, will mean me not being able to stop until they are all gone! / Several weeks ago I put a new Podcast into my 'favourites', called 'The Becoming', by Laura Jane Williams (the awesome writer behind the blog 'Superlatively Rude'). I had heard great things about it but just had never had a chance to listen to an episode. Last night, on the way home from work I listened to one randomly (I couldn't find the first one so just hit play on the latest!) and, I have to say, I loved it! In a nutshell, Laura is interviewing amazing people about their 'Becoming' or 'how they have lived their lives and learnt to be ballsy and awesome humans!'. I would highly recommend checking it out. Laura also has a book out, which I am so putting on my wish-list (behind those protein bars obviously!) / It is that time of year again where there are the most gorgeous wild poppies popping up all over the place and I adore them. We have one in our driveway which I just don't have the heart to remove because it is so pretty!

That is my week in a not so small nutshell, how was yours? Tell me about what has made you happy this week?


  1. Early nights are so worth it, I always feel as though I should really be doing something more productive, but never regret it afterwards! Alice xxx


    1. I am exactly the same in that I always think '...but if I go to bed now then I will be wasting time and could be doing a/b/c/d instead!' But yet I can barely walk from being so tired!! Can't win. I hope you are well lovely lady! Have a great weekend xxx


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