4 June 2016


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{Image sourced from Pinterest - I love this quote so much. Every step counts, no matter how small}

Question. Why do weeks off work go by so damn fast? Just thought I would throw that out there for us to think about! It has been one of those weeks off where we have tackled a million and one little jobs that we have been putting off for a while. It sort of feels like I need another week off to actually relax now. I even got to the gym at 6.30am during the week (and 7.30am on Friday morning too!).

I had a rather 'Monica' moment on Monday, when I said to Joe 'I think I am going to clean the oven', and five whole hours later I had blitzed the whole house and it was sparkling... needless to say, I was exhausted. I am a freak who likes to start a week off in a clean kind of way!

What else has made me smile this week?

1. We had a successful trip to the Southampton branch of Ikea on Tuesday and I am super happy that we managed to sort out half of our bedroom furniture and move the chest of drawers that was in our room to the spare room. This meant that we could finally destroy the orangey (very cheap Argos) chest of drawers we had in there that was barely even qualified to be a chest of drawers. I didn't realise how long it takes to actually sort a house out. We have been here for about three years and there are still things that need doing to make it more homely, but I guess it doesn't spur you on when you are renting as much as it would if you owned the place! I also managed to rescue a slightly damaged plant from Ikea. The little guy I bought had a damaged leaf and, where most normal humans would have put him back, I took pity on him and brought him home. He is now all settled in my office.

2. Watching Coldplay do a live set. I wasn't actually there obviously but, by the magic of television I was able to wish I was actually there! Coldplay are one of those bands that I love hearing play live (although I am yet to be at a concert... one day) but I don't always enjoy listening to their albums. Visually they are so inspiring and this most recent album is so colourful and brightly designed live... it was pretty darn good!

3. Re-feed day! Yesterday was a much required high carb day (thanks Olly!). I had some sweet potato for dinner (and a steak) and have never enjoyed a meal more! Well... maybe I have... there was that burger I had several months ago and those fish and chips in St Ives... but, healthy meal wise...the best!

4. Bright blue nails. I painted my nails with Barry M's 'Damson' nail polish on Thursday evening. It is the most royal blue colour but I love it! I tend not to wear it when I am at work as I know the kids at school get told off for nail varnish so I don't like to rub their faces in it! But I enjoy being a 35 year old with blue nails when I am off work! Go me!

5. Starting a new photo challenge on Instagram. If you follow me you will know that I did a May challenge, alongside my IG friend Helen, but we have both decided to jump in for June too and follow along with one that was on Gemma's feed and I love how different it is! Stay tuned to my IG for more on that, or see the challenge here.

I hope you have all had a lovely week and have an even better weekend! xoxo

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  1. Totally agree with the weeks off work going by so quickly! I didn't have the week off but the classes I teach tend to be so much smaller during half term, and throw bank holiday in there and the week has flown by!


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