27 May 2016


I know many of you like my regular Friday post, 'Five things I am Grateful for this week', and I will still get a round up done for this week, but as I have been relatively absent (other than on Fridays!) I thought I would catch you up on what has been keeping me so busy recently. Grab a coffee, let's chat...

My business has been a huge point of focus recently, and I know you guys understand that completely, you are super supportive and I love you for it. The good news is that I now have a 'holding page' for my site, which allows you to link to my various social media and join a little mailing list so you can be the first to know when I am launching and of all the exciting things to come! I'd love, love, love it if you signed up to the list (click on the picture below to jump over to the site). Although my business is mostly about creating pretty wedding stationary for special couples, I will also be producing other paper products over time including downloads and prints, so definitely sign up to keep yourself in the loop and whilst you are there, why not click on the social media links too and keep a beady eye on me as I develop the products <3

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You guys will know, if you have followed me for a while or heard my ramblings on Snapchat (username 'lucycarterart'), that my previous career was in a gym. personal training and teaching classes. I adore training and love pushing my body but ... I have always had issues in terms of hormone balance and losing body fat, so I made the decision to bring a coach on board to help me out. The help I needed was mostly accountability, but also just a little more up to date information on nutrition which, if you like to stay up to date with these things, can be really, really complicated as it evolves so fast and we are fed (no pun intended) so much bull in the media. I must have researched coaches/trainers for over six months and finally settled on Olly Foster. I won't go into detail what his training and nutrition programme involves, but you can hop on over to his website if you are interested. It wouldn't be fair to go into lots of details as his knowledge is so valuable and certainly should be invested in if you are serious about making some changes... for life. I am now one of those people counting macros and loving every minute of it. I am enjoying my new routine of cooking meals (that are all pre-weighed to fit my personal macros allowance) and freezing them in batches so I can pull said meal out the freezer on a night where I am exhausted! So far I have managed to get back into some work trousers that I haven't fit into for at least five years. That felt so good. Needless to say, getting into the swing of this thing took a while, knowing what to eat when and with what etc. It took it's toll a little in terms of having time to post here, but I think I am settled in now!
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I know this may seem a pretty selfish reason to not have been making videos or posting blog posts, but I have learnt that it really isn't. With all this busy 'stuff' going on in my life I needed to make some time for myself. This mostly involves me taking naps at random times of the day as I have certainly felt exhausted (role on next week when I have the whole week off of work!). On my new training programme I have been doing four days in the gym, including Thursday evenings and Friday mornings (6.30am). Whilst I am loving the routine and getting up early, I am really noticing the tiredness creeping in. I have taking a bit of a step back from worrying about what isn't getting done in terms of the blog otherwise my mental health would take a hit and, for once, that is pretty good! I try and chill out when I can, even if it is just sitting out in the garden with Joe for half an hour or pottering about the house. Having no particular agenda for an hour is good for my crazy-busy brain.

Anyway, please always know that I am still here and I really do try my very best for all you guys as you mean the world. Don't forget to check out my Instagram feed to stay in touch as, no matter what is happening, I am always over there!

Have an amazing weekend everyone xoxo

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  1. Another great post Lucy, really enjoy them each week. Particularly love how you write as if you are having a chat with us, very personable. Loving your new website and I have signed up already for updates. Keep up the good work xx


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